Jackie Chan doesn't want violence or ''dirty comedy'' in his movies.

The 'Around the World in 80 Days' actor considers the films he directs to be like his children, and he has a very strict set of guidelines he makes sure he adheres to when working on a project and it includes stripping them of unnecessary fighting despite his martial arts background.

He told The Observer Magazine: ''When I direct, the film is like my baby. I have to make sure there is comedy but no dirty comedy and a positive message.

''I like people to believe the stunts are real - it's not like 'Spider-Man' or 'Iron Man' where a 20-minute scene can be pure CGI. I only use a tiny bit of special effects.

''I want it to be believable, so where I used to do a triple kick, I now just do one. Eventually there will be no kicks. There has to be plenty of action, but not violence.''

Meanwhile, Chan admitted even though his fame has come from starring in action films based on his martial arts skills, he actually has a real problem with ''violence''.

He explained: ''I have a dilemma. I love action, but I hate violence. There is so much violence in the world, from video games and from other movies.

''I want my movies to have a message of peace, and helping each other ... You have to keep working and keep learning. If children are playing video games or lying in bed they won't.''