China has taken the severe though not altogether surprising step of banning tainted celebrities from TV and movie screens. The ban, which will see stars arrested for drugs, prostitution, etc removed from media outlets, is meant to keep the industry healthy, reports China Daily.

Jackie ChanJackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan was arrested for drug possession earlier this year

The Chinese government said celebrities who break the law - like Jackie Chan's son who was arrested on drug charges this year - would not be invited to appear in programmes and broadcasts of their work would be suspended. 

Jaycee Chan, the son of the marital arts legend, was detained in August after testing positive for marijuana. Over 100 grams of the drug was found at Mr Chan's home. Later in the same month, actor Gao Hu was detained for possession of marijuana and methamphetamines, while film director Wang Quan'an and actor Huang Haibo were arrested on suspicion of hiring prostitutes.

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A spokesman from the China Radio and Television Association said: "Their actions have hurt the entire industry and have brought extremely bad and adverse consequences to the whole society, therefore we strongly condemn their actions."

Jackie ChanJackie Chan's son will presumably be banned from television and film broadcasts in China, along with several other stars

The crackdown appears to be part of the government's wide ranging push to deter extravagance and decadence. Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to go after corruption and excess among the country's elite as the gap between rich and poor continues to go, rapidly.

China's Ministry of Public Security told police across the country to get tough on drugs, prostitution and gambling.

Earlier this year, 42 Beijing performing arts organizations agreed to avoid employing stars who use drugs.

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