Osk Gunnarsdottir, a spokesman for the event, claims the stuntman and musician was in a "really weird condition" and tried to force his way into the festival's production room on Saturday (20Jun15), but after heckling two female employees for denying him entry, he was punched.

Video footage of incident, obtained by TMZ.com, shows Margera confronting a group of people in the area before a fight breaks out, resulting in the TV daredevil getting knocked to the ground.

Local reports suggest Palmi threw the first punch, while two other men also laid into Margera. He managed to get back on his feet to walk away, but is seen in the clip collapsing at the exit as he appears to lose consciousness.

According to website grapevine.is, Margera was trying to get in touch with one of the event's agents to enquire about payment for his band's appearance when the trouble erupted.

He denies harassing the women and tells TMZ he was just attacked by "a scumbag" who helps to run the Secret Solstice bash.

Margera is reportedly planning to file a complaint with local police over the assault.

It's not the first time the 35 year old has hit headlines in Iceland - in 2013, he was arrested after refusing to pay for damages for a rental car he admitted to trashing.