Jack Savoretti's new album is dedicated to love.

The 37-year-old singer has spent the last year at home with his wife Jemma Powell and their children, and Jack has revealed that his lockdown experience has helped to shape his new album.

He told The Sun newspaper: "This album is a celebration of love. In the past they have been about frustration and sometimes even anger towards love and heartbreak and sadness.

"But this record doesn’t have that. And that is very much due to the fact that, with all the terrible circumstances that have happened over the past year, I was able to ‘re-fall’ in love with my life.

"And how fortunate I am, with my children and my wife, to know a part of myself I haven’t known for 15 years because I have been out working."

Jack admitted that his lockdown experience has transformed his outlook on life, revealing he now understands love "more than ever".

He explained: "I was able to re-engage with the kid inside me. I get love now more than ever. I still don’t know what love means but I understand it much more now."

Meanwhile, Jack recently revealed that his new record, 'Europiana',"wouldn't exist without Nile Rodgers".

He said: “Nile brings groove, glamour and chic that is everything that 'Europiana' is. 'Europiana' wouldn’t exist without Nile Rodgers!”

The album was recorded at Jack’s Oxfordshire home and even features his wife and their kids.

He shared: "For weeks we literally lived 'Europiana'.

"The band would arrive and I’d make a big lunch, eaten outside with loads of rose. Then we’d go inside to write in what is usually my living room but it became a studio. The sun and fun seeped into the songs."