Review of Have I Been A Fool Single by Jack Penate

Jack Penate
Have I Been A Fool
Single Review

Jack Penate Have I Been A Fool Single

Jack Penate tries to grab yet another 2007 hit with 'Have I Been A Fool'. It's been a big year for the solo-sensation and he has earned a few glances from prominent members of the music industry with his unique brand Indie-Acoustic Pop-rock.

Has he been a fool to release this track? Honestly? Well, truthfully, I think that he hasn't. This song in no-way detracts from what he has already achieved, in fact, it's probably another triumphant chapter in the Jack Penate 2007 Yearbook. Love-songs always do well at this time of year and Jack can expect a high chart-entry with this dazzling song.

Daniel Black

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