Jack Osbourne shocked his father Ozzy by convincing Sir Paul McCartney to film a piece about the rocker for an upcoming documentary.
The reality TV daredevil is using his own company, Jacko Productions, to give fans a real insight into the legendary Black Sabbath singer.
Jack asked a string of Ozzy's pals to pay tribute to him in the film - but there was one surprise addition.
Ozzy tells the U.K.'s Daily Record, "It is common knowledge I am a big Beatle(s), MCCartney and Lennon fan. He asked me a couple of weeks ago if there was anyone I would like him to interview for the film. I said, 'No mate, you've got just about everyone, you've been working on it for about four years and there's only about four people on the planet you have not interviewed.'
"He asked me what I'd think about him approaching Paul. I laughed at him. I have met him a few times but he would be too busy for that. So Jack tells me he has asked him - and they have done it! Now that is the cherry on my cake. Paul is my hero."