Jack Osbourne plans to home school his daughter.

The 'Adrenalin Junkie' star and his new wife Lisa are concerned about the poor quality of education in Los Angeles and worry their five-month-old daughter Pearl will be bullied by other children when she is old enough to attend school so are opting not to enroll her into a traditional educational establishment.

Jack said: ''The schools here in LA are terrible - we're planning to home-school Pearl.

''To put a kid in a good private school is $35-40,000 a year. I'd rather hire a teacher who can travel with us.''

Lisa added: ''In LA, a lot of kids have Christian Louboutin shoes when they're 13. It's so ridiculous. I don't want her to be associated with that.

''Our name will follow us. People will treat Pearl differently, for better or worse. If she's being a brat and people accept that because she's an Osbourne, that's not what we want at all.''

Jack - the son of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon - admits their decision is partly based on his own experiences at school.

He told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''My experience at school was pretty bad - being dyslexic, being sent to a special school, always being pulled out of school because my parents were travelling. I wonder why my parents didn't just home-school us off the bat.''