Jack Nicholson is set to play a womanising Playboy in new movie 'LASt VEGAS'.

The Oscar winner - famous for his own hellraising ways and appetite for beautiful women - has been approached to take on the part in the film - dubbed a geriatric version of box office hit 'The Hangover' - and is believed to be keen to take it on.

The plot follows four male friends who grew up in the 50s, and who reunite in Vegas to witness the last remaining bachelor among them, Billy (Nicholson), finally get married.

If the screen legend takes the part, it would see the 73-year-old actor battle it out in the movie for the same woman as one of his old friends, a widower called Paddy.

Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman are rumoured to be in line for roles as well.

Jack has most recently been working on 'How Do You Know', a romantic comedy where he stars alongside Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson.

His casting in 'LASt VEGAS' has yet to be confirmed or denied by the production company, CBS films.