Jack Nicholson is thankfully not considering plans to retire from acting just yet, despite previous reports that he is struggling to remember lines due to increasing memory loss.

The One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest star may not have been seen in a movie since 2010 when he starred in James L. Brooks romcom How Do You Know opposite Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson, but it has been confirmed that, at the grand age of 76, he's nowhere near done with performing yet.

NBC anchor Maria Shriver has categorically revealed to E! News that the star in fact has no problems with his memory whatsoever and is still reading various scripts and preparing to get his next project underway. 

The rumors that we'd seen the last of the Oscar winning movie legend came about when RadarOnline revealed that a 'well-placed Hollywood film insider' told them, "Jack has - without fanfare - retired...There is a simple reason behind his decision - it's memory loss. Quite frankly, at 76, Jack has memory issues and can no longer remember the lines being asked of him," said the source.

Well, quite frankly, we're thrilled he's got a good few more years left in him after more than 50 years in the Hollywood industry with a triple Oscar win and some landmark features such as Stanley Kubrick's The Shining adaptation and Tim Burton's Batman.

Jack Nicholson at the Oscars
Jack Nicholson will continue to do what he loves

Jack Nicholson signing autographs
He's not letting age drag him off his Hollywood throne!