Jack Nicholson has been hanging out in Brazil, or at least that's what Ricardo Sergio Freire De Barros wanted people to believe after he was found possessing a fake id with a picture of Nicholson's mug as the apparent photo proof. Comically enough Barros is only 41 years-old, some 33 years younger than the Hollywood actor, so either the Brazilian has led a hard long life and looks somewhat older than he is, or Nicholson can take heart in the fact that he'll still be able to be cast for roles looking for a man in their 40s.

CNN International reports that Barros was attempting to open a bank account in the Brazilian city of Recife only to be caught out by local police and arrested; apparently he looked nothing like Nicholson whatsoever which puts a dampener on those roles set for someone in their 40s hopes. He's now being held in jail awaiting trial, charged with use of false documents and falsification of a public document.

It's not the first time Barros has been under police watch either, indeed he's apparently been under surveillance for some three months following multiple reports of fraudulent activity. Crimes included using the fake IDs to open bank accounts and credit cards with high limits, and then defaulting on the debts. He also took out a business license.