Jack Johnson has been granted a five-year protection order against a female fan.

She is said to have kept “popping up” at the 47-year-old’s hotel and shows, and Jack reportedly testified at a hearing in Los Angeles on Thursday 15 December after getting temporary protection from her in October.

TMZ reports it came after she spent years “hounding” Jack, with one incident in Houston, Texas on August 26 apparently involving her getting “in his face” before police were called to detain the fan.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ say one of Jack’s bandmates saw the situation unfold.

It reported Jack had a show in Houston the night of the incident, and claims his alleged stalker would buy VIP package tickets to help herself get close to the singer.

TMZ added the woman allegedly emailed him, his management, and thought she was the “victim of a long-term financial scheme” which has left her millions of dollars out of pocket.

The new order put in place by a judge means the woman, who has not been named publicly, must have zero contact with dad-of three Jack, as well as his wife of 22 years Kim Baker, and their 16-year-old son.