Review of Sleep Through The Static Album by Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson
Sleep Through The Static
Album Review

Jack Johnson Sleep Through The Static Album

Jack Johnson has made quite an impact on music as a whole, so far, in his rather illustrious career. The Australian born singer-songwriter's music is filled with heart and soul; rich in thought and love. He consistently maintains a completely unique sound, unlike anything you've ever heard before. "Sleep Through The Static", his latest offering, is arguably his finest and most mature album to-date. Every song is carefully structured, perfectly crafted and entirely serene. The album flows gently like a stream, completely unbroken, consistent and beautiful.

Jack has a very clever means of drawing the listener's complete devotion, his sound naturally gathers attention, his music has an incredible tendency to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand erect. The listener can identify with every word that spells from his lips. His sound settling, his voice soothing and his lyrics meaningful and thought provoking, he takes the listener on a musical journey through tales of sorrow, love and ecstasy. He has a very narrator-like approach to his music. The songs that are most special, from a listener's perspective are "Hope", "If I Had Eyes and "While We Wait". An album of beauty through and through.

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