It's common for a lot of musicians to come from a musical background, or at least one with music in it. For Jack Garratt it went a little deeper, and for a childhood circled entirely around music, it was no surprise what he ended up doing as a career.

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Jack Garratt has a busy year ahead

The Buckinghamshire-based 22-year-old released his debut EP 'Remnants' in October 2014 after signing with Island Records, and things are just getting more and more crazy for this multi-instrumentalist. It's no wonder he's become such a hit though, with his ethic that all instruments are out there to be played - a sentiment he developed from his music teacher mother as a child.

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'I was put through piano lessons when I was a kid', he reveals. 'I say put through because, it was fun and I loved it and it's been beneficial now, but it was difficult because, although I can read music, I much prefer just playing and improvising and at least finding my own way to play an instrument.' As for how many instruments he can actually play? Well, let's just put that down as pretty much anything, having picked up skills in drums, guitar and trombone.

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As amazing as it sounds to be able to do so much musically, Jack admits that it's not always a good thing, especially when it comes to enjoying other people's music. 'It's difficult sometimes to go and see a show and enjoy it and not go and see a show and critique it', he confesses.

He also reveals he was wary about being over ambitious with his music, due to the fact that it's one of the most competitive industries in the world and the chances of making it big are often close to zero. 'I studied at university for a term and a day and then I dropped out', he says. 'I was studying Primary School education. I was going to be a teacher. I was going to get my teaching qualification and have that as my safety net and then tackle the music industry.'

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It seems, however, that music really was all Jack wanted to do. And it's a good thing he took that path after all with all the attention he's getting from the likes of BBC Introducing, Red Bull Studios and others. Hot on the heels of his UK tour and 'work trip' to America, he's got a busy year ahead of him with festival dates already booked in for 2015 including Cambridgeshire's The Secret Garden Party. We look forward to seeing more of him!