Jack Black Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

26th April 2016

Fact: Bosses at Sony Pictures are moving forward with a sequel to last year's (15) family comedy Goosebumps. While director Rob Letterman and writer Darren Lemke are closing deals to return, it is unclear whether Jack Black, who plays horror author R.L. Stine, will reprise his role.

27th January 2016

Quote: "I think these things, the natural progression is three: the beginning, the middle, and the end, the big finish. That seems to be the law of sequels, and you know, when we started off, that was the hope in my mind, like, 'Man, maybe this will be a big hit and we'll do another one.'" Actor Jack Black suggests new movie Kung Fu Panda 3 may be the final instalment in the hit animated franchise.

16th October 2015

Quote: "It was Orson Welles... I thought, 'I can't just be a dude; I can't just be good old stony Jack Black. I need to bring a little gravitas...' This is always what I do... I go, 'I'm not right for this role... you know who would be perfect - Orson Welles. And that's the voice I hear." Funnyman Jack Black on channelling movie icon Orson Welles for his character in new movie Goosebumps.

15th October 2015

Fact: Actor/rocker Jack Black teamed up with U.S. comedian Stephen Colbert on Wednesday (14Oct15) to perform a brand new political anthem, titled My Kind of America. The pair debuted the country tune on talk show Late Night with Stephen Colbert and offered it up to U.S. presidential hopefuls to use for free as their new campaign song. The ruse comes after Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and rocker Neil Young recently ordered presidential hopeful Donald Trump to stop using their hits at political rallies.

9th October 2015

Fact: Country music star Dwight Yoakam and funnyman Jack Black are teaming up to executive produce a new music-centred comedy series. The odd pair is attached to a show titled Belles and Whistles, which will follow the fortunes of an ambitious dad who moves his dysfunctional family to Nashville, Tennessee in order to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a superstar country singer. Both stars have been dabbling in music and acting for years, with Grammy Award-winner Yoakam scoring a recurring role on sci-fi series Under The Dome, while School of Rock star Black serves as frontman for his band Tenacious D.

15th July 2015

Quote: "Last time I went, I went with the Stormtrooper mask that I bought at the place and someone whistleblew me and I'm pretty sure it was the dude that I bought the Stormtrooper mask from... and the paparazzi were like, 'Hey, Jack Black, you think you're clever with your Stormtrooper mask... and it was a bust and it totally sucked." JACK BLACK had a nightmare at his last visit to the Comic-Con convention in San Diego, California when fans and members of the media learned he was walking around in a Star Wars mask.

14th July 2015

Quote: "I do agree that he is an a**hole, but I don't agree that he's not talented... He actually is really talented. Yeezus is, like, the best album out there." Actor/rocker Jack Black has mixed feelings about rapper Kanye West.

8th July 2015

Quote: "Such a sweet, amazing giant of a man, and so filled with joy and creativity. I'm just happy to have known him for the short time that I did. He did an amazing job setting up this show, The Brink, and I'm really going to miss him." Jack Black pays tribute to the late Jerry Weintraub, who produced his new TV comedy The Brink.

20th June 2015

Quote: "I'm like, 'Screw losing weight!' I already have made peace with that; it's not gonna happen - I'm so hungry... all the time - but I've figured out there are ways to be healthy and fat." Funnyman Jack Black has no plans to lose weight.

19th June 2015

Fact: Funnyman Jack Black conducted part of a U.S. TV interview on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! on Thursday (18Jun15) while massaging an elderly gentleman, after joking about launching a celebrity service called Starsky & Touch.

19th June 2015

Quote: "I'm going to be on a jet plane; I'm going to Europe to do some promoting... so I'm not gonna be home for Father's Day, so there's probably gonna be some Skype... It's kinda sad." Jack Black will celebrate Father's Day on Sunday (21Jun15) away from home.

29th May 2015

Quote: "I'd love to do a jam with Jack White someday, just because if Jack White and Jack Black joined forces there would be a rip in the space-time continuum. Maybe that's why people try to keep us separated. We have (met). It was awkward." JACK BLACK on his dream of working with rocker namesake White.

29th May 2015

Quote: "It's so bada**. I'm pretty sure it's the best of the three. J.K. Simmons is playing a baddie and we got arguably the greatest actor of the decade, Bryan Cranston, playing my biological father." Jack Black is thrilled with his castmates in KUNG FU PANDA 3.

5th May 2015

Fact: Actor Jack Black teamed up with late night host JIMMY FALLON to recreate the video for Extreme's MORE THAN WORDS music video on THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON on Monday (04May15). In the moody black and white video skit, Black and Fallon sported long wigs to appear just like Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt in the original promo.

22nd October 2014

Quote: "We're gonna take Tenacious D to the Asian shores - we're gonna go to Tokyo, Malaysia... and South Korea... We're big in Japan, we'll see how it goes." Funnyman and rocker Jack Black is preparing for duo Tenacious D's first tour in Asia.

20th August 2014

Fact: Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Judd Apatow and his wife Leslie Mann were among the stars who turned out for the wedding of celebrity publicist Matt Lebrov in Los Angeles on Saturday (16Aug14).

14th July 2014

Fact: Jack Black, Eric Stonestreet and comediennes Margaret Cho and Aisha Tyler have teamed up with 'Weird Al' Yankovic for a new video parody of Pharrell Williams' Happy, called Tacky.

16th June 2014

Fact: Actors Jack Black and James Marsden showed off their wild sides at Hollywood hot spot Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles on Saturday (14Jun14) by hopping on a mechanical bull for separate rides in front of a cheering crowd. The pair is currently filming comedy D-Train together.

31st August 2013

Fact: Jack Black and Miranda Cosgrove reteamed with their School Of Rock co-stars for a 10th anniversary get together in Texas. Cosgrove, now 20, posted a photo of the reunion on her Instagram.com page.

18th January 2013

Fact: Aspiring comedians will have a chance to 'roast' funnyman Jack Black in April (13). The Hollywood star will be the subject of New York's legendary Friars Club Roast and bosses are including his night as part of their regular So You Think You Can Roast competition to involve amateurs in the proceedings.

4th October 2012

Fact: Funnyman Jack Black pretended to be U.S. Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney during an appearance on U.S. Tv programme The Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday (02Oct12) so the host, who has grown increasingly vocal about his desire to have the politician as his guest, could conduct his dream interview.

26th April 2012

Quote: "I guess you see what you wanna see... Alright, it's a penis." Jack Black owns up to the fact the body of the bird on the cover of Tenacious D's new album Rize of the Fenix is a cleverly disguised phallus.

26th April 2012

Quote: "We're kinda like heavy metal, folk, comedy. It's Simon & Garfunkel meets Black Sabbath." Jack Black describes the sound of his side project duo Tenacious D.

23rd April 2012

Quote: "I'm happy for them, they're wonderful peeps (people) and I wish them the best nuptials." Comedian Jack Black is delighted by his Kung Fu Panda co-star Angelina Jolie's engagement to Brad Pitt.

19th April 2012

Quote: "That's a ways down the road. I haven't received any invite, so let's not get ahead of ourselves... I don't have to get a present until I'm invited, right? And then I've got a whole year - isn't that the rule?" Comedian Jack Black predicts his pal Angelina Jolie's wedding to Brad Pitt is some time off. The Hollywood supercouple announced its engagement last week (ends 13Apr12).

19th April 2012

Fact: Actors Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and Neil Patrick Harris are among the stars who've recorded personal e-cards in celebration of America's upcoming Mother's Day (13May12). Each of the free, comedic greetings also feature a gentle reminder for women to get screened for breast cancer in a bid to stress the importance of early detection.

26th May 2011

Quote: "I didn't bring my kids to Cannes (Film Festival). Angie is braver than I. She just loads them all up on the plane. They're used to travelling a lot more than mine are. They got it down with regard to the jet lag. My boys will stay up all night and I'll be a wreck on the red carpet!" Actor Jack Black is amazed by his Kung Fu Panda 2 co-star Angelina Jolie and her travelling brood of six.

7th May 2011

Quote: "I tell them, 'I know you like (panda) Po, but come on - Mum's cool too, right?'" Angelina Jolie's kids prefer her Kung Fu Panda co-star Jack Black's cartoon character to her own.

3rd April 2011

Fact: Britney Spears appeared briefly at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday (02Apr11) in a pre-taped skit with Jack Black's animated panda, Po. The pop star pretended to be in the audience and the victim of the Kung Fu Panda's noodle spill. She was left brushing the food off her shoulder when the startled panda dropped his bowl.

5th January 2011

Fact: Actor Jack Black has snapped up RED HOT CHILI PEPPER star Flea's Los Angeles mansion for just under $6 million (£4 million). The Gulliver's Travels funnyman purchased the seven bedroom, three bathroom property in Los Feliz over the holiday season.

27th December 2010

Quote: "I can't wait to see my a** in 3D. How cool will that be? I was really excited to hear they were making the movie in 3D. I mean, no one gets that privilege to look at themselves from all angles." Jack Black is delighted his upcoming movie GULLIVER'S TRAVELS makes use of the latest technology.

23rd December 2010

Quote: "You gotta say goodbye to the XBox... I have to squeeze it down to, like, a 15 minute segment at night after they go to bed... Before I had babes I would literally go from nightfall to the dawn's crack." Fatherhood has wrecked Jack Black's video game obsession.

2nd December 2010

Fact: Emily Blunt and Ricky Gervais have joined the star-studded cast of funnyman Jason Segel's upcoming MUPPETS movie. Jack Black, Zach Galifianakis and Billy Crystal are also among the actors making appearances in the new feature, currently shooting in Los Angeles.

25th November 2010

Quote: "Jack Black, who plays Gulliver, was a wonderful ringleader. He had an incredible energy and kept us on our toes." Emily Blunt is full of praise for her GULLIVER'S TRAVELS co-star JACK BLACK.

18th October 2010

Fact: Funnyman Jack Black is reteaming with his School Of Rock co-star Miranda Cosgrove for the small screen. The actor will appear alongside the teen star in an episode of her U.S. TV series iCARLY, which is scheduled to broadcast next month (Nov10).

10th August 2010

Fact: Jack Black is reuniting with his School Of Rock director Richard Linklater for a new dark comedy. The funnyman will star in Bernie, about a man who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a wealthy widow, played by Shirley MACLaine.

9th October 2009

Fact: Singer/songwriter Ben Harper and actor Jack Black teamed up to perform Queen and David Bowie's hit UNDER PRESSURE on America's The Jay Leno Show on Thursday night (08Oct09).

1st September 2009

Quote: "I turned 40 years old this week, and I feel like I’m in the body of a 10 year old." Movie star/musician Jack Black was energised as his band Tenacious D headlined the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco, California on Sunday night (30Aug09).

31st August 2009

Fact: Jack Black poked fun at critics of Tenacious D's headlining set at San Francisco's Outside Lands festival on Sunday (30Aug09) - with a quirky T-shirt. Black and bandmate Kyle Gass were last-minute replacements for the Beastie Boys, who pulled out when Adam Yauch was diagnosed with cancer, prompting many to suggest they weren't a good enough stand-in. The duo decided to address the issue by offering souvenir T-shirts depicting the Beastie Boys’ Check Your Head album cover with Black and Gass photoshopped in. The title read Check Your Headliner.

24th June 2009

Quote: "After my screen test, Jack Black said, 'You're good... a little too good. Be less good, 'cause you're making me look bad.' I was like 'Yes!'" Actress Olivia Wilde was delighted to have impressed the funnyman in auditions for new movie YEAR ONE.

23rd June 2009

Quote: "Samuel is very funny, I miss him a lot. I don't like to be gone, even for a day, because I miss him. If I don't see him in the morning or at night for more than two days, I get very anxious to get back to the nest." Jack Black misses his sons, two-year-old Samuel and Thomas, one, while he's abroad promoting his movies.

23rd June 2009

Quote: "I think the public subconsciously don't like fat people. Kyle and I are heavy actors, and I think we may have just been a little too heavy. We should have done a little exercise. We were victims of fatism." Jack Black blames his and partner Kyle Gass's weight for causing their film TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY to flop.

16th June 2009

Quote: "I take lots of vitamins that'll keep the joints limber and loose; oils and sauces to keep the arthritic issues away." Comedian Jack Black is taking good care of himself as he approaches 40. The actor celebrates the milestone birthday on 28 August (09).

9th June 2009

Quote: "I wish I was called Jack Black. It's a cool name. Growing up, it wasn't so fun to have a surname like Blunt." DEVIL WEARS PRADA star Emily Blunt wishes she had a better name.

20th May 2009

Quote: "Somebody gave me a painting of me nude. Obviously they just imagined what I'd look like. They were very generous." Jack Black on the weirdest thing a fan has ever sent him.

2nd April 2009

Fact: Funnyman Jack Black has landed a spot on popular U.S. pre-school TV show YO GABBA GABBA. The King Kong star will appear on the hit Nickelodeon show on Friday (03Apr09) and teach kids how to master new dance move The Disco Roll.

11th November 2008

Quote: "Jack Black is like DE NIRO and BRANDO in our house. He's, like, the man." Angelina Jolie reveals her KUNG-FU PANDA co-star is a big hit at home.

10th November 2008

Quote: “If she asks, yeah, I will be ready.” Jack Black is available if Angelina Jolie needs him to babysit her children.

1st October 2008

Quote: "I risked my life for Ben Stiller and for the good of the film." Jack Black took his life in his hands to ride a water buffalo in hit movie TROPIC THUNDER.

18th September 2008

Quote: "I cry all the time. I always cry at movies and sometimes I even cry at ads. The other day I was watching one for a cereal and I came over all sniffy." Jack Black is a highly sensitive guy.

17th September 2008

Quote: "I felt like we insulted everyone equally so it would be cancelled out, but apparently not." Jack Black on the controversy surrounding his new movie TROPIC THUNDER, which pokes fun at movie stars, the mentally disabled and African-Americans.

15th August 2008

Quote: "(It was) dreadful, awful, depressing, and disquieting to my integrity." Robert Downey Jr. hated performing alongside Ben Stiller and Jack Black as one of Gladys Knight's PIPS on the American Idol charity special IDOL GIVES BACK.

14th August 2008

Quote: "Some people just get a good trailer and they go in and plop down their c**p and that's their trailer. Other people take their trailer and renovate it and treat it like a house that they've bought and get it designed nicely. He went to town. You can totally do an MTV Cribs on his trailer." Jack Black is amazed by TROPIC THUNDER director and co-star Ben Stiller's on-set trailer."

12th August 2008

Quote: "I think it would be regrettable if I were to drink or smoke weed with either (TROPIC THUNDER co-stars) Jack Black or Ben Stiller because they would say, `Wow, I got stoned and I have a buzz,' and I would be off to the races and in jail within three days." Robert Downey Jr. insists his notorious addictive personality wouldn't be able to deal with just a small hit of marijuana.

9th August 2008

Quote: "Thomas has no muscles, he's flopping around. His skin has a new baby sheen and he's soft and squiddy." Comedian Jack Black is convinced his three-month-old son THOMAS looks like a squid.

6th August 2008

Quote: "I said, 'Let me give you some tips - if you're nodding out on heroin on a (film) set, it looks something like this.'" Robert Downey Jr. used his own past drugged-up experience to help Jack Black play an addict on the set of new war comedy TROPIC THUNDER.

8th July 2008

Quote: "People run up to me and want to wrestle, because they think I'm going to have fun wrestling with them. It's hard when being funny is expected of you. Sometimes, you feel like a trained comedian monkey. It's not always easy to be funny, you know?" Comedian Jack Black isn't always game for a laugh.

4th July 2008

Quote: "Coco Pops - that is a complete lie. Coco Puffs, yes - they went up my bum. Well not up the bum, they just rested in the crack. Nothing goes up the bum." Jack Black seeks to clarify his recent comments about his childhood cereal experiments.

30th June 2008

Quote: "When you do a good movie you feel good about promoting it. When it's a bad movie you want to release it quietly. You try to keep it a secret, like an STD (sexually transmitted disease)." Jack Black on his career plan.

26th June 2008

Fact: Angelina Jolie and Jackie Chan have pulled out of the London premiere of their new movie KUNG FU PANDA, which takes place on Thursday night (26Jun08). Stars Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman and Lucy Liu are all expected to attend the red carpet bash.

24th June 2008

Quote: "I realise what I've been missing. I'm trying to make up for lost time. I have spent so long living as a big kid, I almost forgot to have some of my own." Funnyman Jack Black loves being a father of two. His wife

23rd June 2008

Quote: "My theory is if I suck in the gut and pump out the chest, eventually I will start to look like that without trying. I hate exercise, but I don't mind power posing." Portly comedian Jack Black despises working out.

17th June 2008

Quote: "I also put Coco Pops in my butt. Why? For comedy and experiment I was a scientist and I discovered you could put a lot of them up your butt." Funnyman Jack Black on the strange things he would do as a child.

7th June 2008

Fact: It pays to know funnyman Jack Black - pal and Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass and his wife Tanya Haden both have speaking parts in his new animated film KUNG FU PANDA.

6th June 2008

Quote: "I didn't wanna say it but she's actually pregnant with twin panda bears, so BRAD's gonna bummed out when he finds out they're not his." After going public with KUNG FU PANDA co-star Angelina Jolie's baby news, Jack Black jokes about further secrets.

3rd June 2008

Quote: "Nobody cares about my babies. It's all about Angelina's babies. All we hear about." Jack Black insists the world's media is more interested in the birth of Angelina Jolie's twins than his newborn son JACK.

20th May 2008

Quote: "I think of myself as a bear. I'm very furry, soft, squishy and lazy - but sometimes I am fierce and crazy." Jack Black could relate to his character in animated movie KUNG FO PANDA.

18th May 2008

Quote: "It was like my butt had double chins." Funnyman Jack Black wasn't impressed with his body double's backside during a nude scene in 2007's MARGOT AT THE WEDDING.

16th May 2008

Quote: "I've got a crick in my neck. I think it was the third spinning kick." Jack Black admits his energetic Cannes Film Festival arrival with a small army of people dressed up as pandas left him with an injury. Black is at the film festival promoting his new movie Kung Fu Panda.

15th May 2008

Quote: "There are giant Jack Black fans in my family. He is 'the' movie star in my house." Angelina Jolie's kids with partner Brad Pitt have been won over by her KUNG FU PANDA co-star.

12th May 2008

Fact: Jack Black and Gnarls Barkley star CEE-LO GREEN have re-recorded CARL DOUGLAS' 1974 hit KUNG FU FIGHTING for new animated movie KUNG FU PANDA, which stars Black.

20th March 2008

Quote: "Sometimes I'm funnier when I haven't had enough sleep." New dad Jack Black insists there's a positive to his fatherhood struggles.

7th March 2008

Fact: Robert Downey Jr. has gone black for a comedy role in Ben Stiller's new movie TROPIC THUNDER. In the film, which also features Stiller and Jack Black, the Chaplin star plays an actor who dyes his skin to look black to land a film role.

22nd February 2008

Quote: "Thankfully SAM's all beautiful and looks like TANYA, because, with the genes from me, she could've given birth to a pot-bellied pig." Comedian Jack Black is glad his one-year-old son shares his mother's features.

22nd February 2008

Quote: "I always feel like: 'This is it, oh my God. What if this film bombs? Then no more movies for Jackie. It's back to living at my mum's house.'" Funnyman Jack Black is still struggling with his career insecurities.

22nd February 2008

Quote: "It's fun to hang out with unpredictable people. It is scary, but that's what makes some people interesting. They all have a rebellious and crazy side. But you don't want them as a room-mate. Because then it's your house that might burn down from their ridiculousness." Jack Black on his funny pals Ben Stiller, Sacha Baron Cohen and WILL FERRELL.

21st February 2008

Quote: "Stanley Kubrick, I'm still holding out for, 'cause I think he's alive. He's a very clever guy - he's just hiding. Him and Elvis are going to make a movie together." Funnyman Jack Black is convinced director STANLEY KUBRICK and rock star Elvis Presley are not really dead.

21st February 2008

Quote: "The problem is, I just don't think anything is funny. Once in a while I'll see something that makes me laugh. Borat, that really made me laugh. But, before that, it was so long before I had seen anything that I was like, 'Yes, this is great.'" Funnyman Jack Black is concerned about a lack of good comedy films.

20th February 2008

Quote: "I'm not worried about my place in history or a legacy. If you're chasing that dragon then you're not going to be a happy guy. History is for Einstein and those guys. I just want to make good, smart, funny stuff." Funnyman Jack Black only worries about the present.

27th November 2007

Quote: "I looked nothing like him so I had to keep saying, 'I'm Paul McCartney from THE Beatles' - to remind people." Jack Black accepts he had some explaining to do on the set of new movie WALK HARD.

21st November 2007

Quote: "It's not supposed to happen, it was supposed to be a secret." Jack Black is far from happy Tom Cruise's hilarious cameo as a fat, balding movie executive in his new film PROJECT THUNDER has been leaked after Cruise was photographed in costume on the set.

28th December 2006

Quote: "If my boobs were on a girl, guys would be going mad for them...I can enjoy them anytime I want!" Jack Black on his well endowed chest.

24th November 2006

Quote: "I'd like to kick-ass on Russell Crowe and his group THIRTY ODD FOOT OF GRUNTS because he needs a good kicking." Jack Black thinks the Gladiator star should have stuck to acting.

20th November 2006

Quote: "We needed some Oscar cred." Tenacious D star Kyle Gass on why he and bandmate Jack Black asked Tim Robbins to play a one-legged foreigner in new film TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY.

20th November 2006

Quote: "You've got this SACHA (BARON) COHEN upstart and he threatens to knock us off our powerful comedy-rock pedestal... We've got to bring all the spicy mustard to complete with the hounds nipping at our heels." Jack Black is keen to steal the comedy crown from BORAT star Cohen with his new movie TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY.

18th November 2006

Quote: "It can be a bummer. People have been carrying around Shallow Hal billboards at concerts. That's not really heavy metal." Singer/actor Jack Black admits his movie career hasn't done much for his rock 'n' roll image.

11th November 2006

Quote: "Don't be fooled by that 'nicest guy in rock' tag - he's a little devil with lots of mischief in his back pocket." Tenacious D star Jack Black on working with Dave Grohl on his new biopic.

1st November 2006

Fact: Tenacious D rocker Jack Black claims the two-piece band has been "lauded by women's group" for their 2001 single F**K HER GENTLY.

5th October 2006

Quote: "There was no tongue involved, no reach-arounds. It was business. We had to do it for the movie, and we pulled it off. Jack Black's a fun guy to hang out with, and there's not a gay bone in his body, so I felt very secure." Actor R LEE ERMEY clarifies how he and JACK BLACK acted out a man-on-man scene in 2001 movie SAVING SILVERMAN.

1st September 2006

Quote: "This show's been laying farts for the last 20 years and I'm gonna light the match." MTV VMA host Jack Black on 'saving' the annual awards ceremony.

1st September 2006

Quote: "I'm going to go with RONNIE JAMES DIO's THE LAST IN LINE. It's basically him walking around Middle Earth with his Dungeons + Dragons sword, winging about the f**king devil. It's pretty rad." MTV Video Music Awards host Jack Black on his personal favourite video of all time.

1st September 2006

Quote: "What's weird is that the musicians go up to accept awards for videos that they didn't write or direct. Shouldn't the director be accepting the award?" MTV Video Music Awards host Jack Black poses a question to the ceremony's organisers.

1st September 2006

Quote: "This show's been laying farts for the last 20 years and I'm gonna light the match." MTV VMA host Jack Black on 'saving' the annual awards ceremony.

1st September 2006

Quote: "What's weird is that the musicians go up to accept awards for videos that they didn't write or direct. Shouldn't the director be accepting the award?" MTV Video Music Awards host Jack Black poses a question to the ceremony's organisers.

1st September 2006

Quote: "I'm going to go with RONNIE JAMES DIO's THE LAST IN LINE. It's basically him walking around Middle Earth with his Dungeons + Dragons sword, winging about the f**king devil. It's pretty rad." MTV Video Music Awards host Jack Black on his personal favourite video of all time.

11th August 2006

Quote: "My plan is to bring the thunder. I've got my top men working on it as we speak, in my thunder laboratory. Radio City Music Hall will never be the same." Funnyman Jack Black outlines how he'll host the MTV Video Music Awards on 31 August (06) in New York City.

11th August 2006

Quote: "I'm no Matt Damon, my goal was to be a character actor." Jack Black insists fans don't see him as a hunky leading man.

11th August 2006

Fact: King Kong star and Tenacious D frontman Jack Black will host the MTV Video Music Awards on 31 August (06) in New York.

4th August 2006

Quote: "I look exactly like Superman, with the tights and the cape and the muscles. There was no reason to release SUPERMAN RETURNS because we've totally covered it." Actor Jack Black describes why his wrestling outfit in new movie NACHO LIBRE should be a hit.

24th July 2006

Fact: Jack Black's NACHO LIBRE wrestling character is to be turned into a new action figure by master toymaker TODD MCFARLANE.

12th July 2006

Quote: "We've had a few meetings in Elko, Nevada. We talk about our upcoming projects, discuss initiating new members and spend a lot of time hazing one another." Actor Luke Wilson jokes about the Hollywood 'Frat Pack' which features himself, brother Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Jack Black and VINCE VAUGHN.

24th June 2006

Quote: "I started getting on the baby nap schedule. I sneak a little ten minute power nap between butt-wipes." New dad Jack Black on synchronising schedules with new baby SAMUEL.

14th June 2006

Quote: "We're gonna go with SAMUEL. That's where we're at right now. We could, last second, switcheroo, though. We haven't written it in yet." Jack Black on naming his four-day-old son.

13th June 2006

Quote: "I was gonna go with SHAQ BLACK but then SHAQ (O'NEAL) moved to Miami, so no dice." Jack Black once considered naming his firstborn after his favourite basketball star - but then the sporting hero quit his beloved Los Angeles Lakers for the Miami Heat.

8th June 2006

Quote: "I have done some judo in my youth, so I wasn't a total stranger to the mat." Jack Black insists he was the perfect choice to play a Mexican wrestler in new movie comedy NACHO LIBRE.

6th June 2006

Quote: "Maybe I didn't bring the spicy mustard. I only brought some mild cheddar sauce." Jack Black reflects on the mixed reviews of his performance in 2005 blockbuster King Kong.

26th May 2006

Fact: Marketing bosses at Paramount Pictures have found a novel way of promoting Jack Black's new Mexican wrestling movie NACHO LIBRE - they're sending members of the press devotional candles with the funnyman's spandex-clad image on the side.

27th April 2006

Quote: "I think heaviness helps me. It keeps the wrinkles from getting wrinkly - it puffs them out." Jack Black defends his chubbiness.

23rd February 2006

Fact: <p>Beck has signed up to score Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess' new film project NACHO LIBRE, which stars Jack Black as a priest-turned-Mexican wrestler. </p>

8th February 2006

Fact: <p>Funnyman Jack Black is set to show off his cuddly side when he hosts the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on 1 April (06). </p>

7th February 2006

Fact: <p>Jack Black and SWINGERS star Jon Favreau both auditioned for Philip Seymour Hoffman's role as Lester Bangs in Almost Famous. </p>

2nd January 2006

Fact: <p>Jack Black and School Of Rock writer Mike White have a production company called BLACK + WHITE. Black's new movie NACHO LIBRE is the project's first venture. </p>

2nd January 2006

Fact: <p>Movie funnyman Jack Black's new girlfriend TANYA is the daughter of jazz great Charlie Haden. </p>

29th December 2005

Quote: <p>"Nothing feels quite as great as an awesome movement. I mean, it's right up there with a great orgasm." KING KONG star Jack Black enjoys his trips to the toilet. </p>

23rd December 2005

Fact: <p>Jack Black's showbusiness career began with a part in actor LEE MAJORS' stuntman TV show THE FALL GUY when he was a child. </p>

11th December 2005

Quote: <p>"My acting is awesome so there better not be any bad robot acting." Jack Black warns King Kong director Peter Jackson not to upstage his talents with special effects. </p>

7th December 2005

Quote: <p>"I think the heaviness helps me. It keeps the wrinkles from getting wrinkly. It puffs them out." KING KONG star Jack Black explains why he prefers his more rounded look. </p>

5th December 2005

Quote: <p>"I would cook and he would clean. It worked out." Adrien Brody talks about sharing a home with Jack Black while the odd couple filmed King Kong in New Zealand together. </p>

10th November 2005

Fact: <p>A galaxy of stars including Jack Black, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan and Ian McShane will voice characters in forthcoming animated movie KUNG FU PANDA. </p>

Jack Black

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