Jack Black thinks being a good husband is like being a gardener.

The 'Gulliver's Travels' actor - who has sons Sammy, four, and Thomas, two, with wife Tanya Haden - believes care and attention, as well as communication are key to a lasting relationship, though he admits he occasionally gets too carried away with following his wife's wishes.

He said: "Being a good husband is like being a gardener: You've got to give your partner lots of water and sunshine - love and support. Communication is key - listening and sharing, finding a good TV show to watch together. My wife and I have really been into 'Project Runway'.

"It's also important to ask for what you want. I have a tendency to do whatever my wife wants, and then anger builds up inside me and comes out in little passive-aggressive bursts. It's better to just communicate your desires up front from the get-go. Such an obvious and strange Discovery at the age of 41!"

As well as his tips for being a good husband, Jack also revealed what he thinks makes him a good father - getting enough rest so he is able to keep up with his sons' energy levels.

He told Parade magazine: "The more sleep I get, the better dad I am. Parenting is 90 per cent energy; if you don't have it, then there tend to be some lazy TV-watching days with the kids and that ain't getting it done.

"A great day with them is an energised adventure into the world.

"My best piece of parenting advice? Never try to make a happy child happier. Just leave it alone. When you try and kick it up to another level with a scoop of ice cream or whatever, it ruins everything."