Jack Black has compared the new US president Donald Trump to actor Charlie Sheen “when he was on crack”.

Black was speaking to Variety at the Sundance Film Festival where he was promoting new film The Polka King with co-star Willie Garson and the two actors discussed Trump’s “obsession with winning.”

Jack BlackJack Black has compared Donald Trump to Charlie Sheen

“We’ve got to start thinking globally. We’re going to be working together, if we’re going to survive, if the human race, if this species is going to survive,” Black said.

“Yeah, America first is fine, in terms of finances, but we’ve got to stop thinking that way. It’s not a Monopoly game where the rich billionaire wins the game. It’s about the world working together, and it’s got to happen soon.”

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Garson then chimed in: “This whole concept of winning, what do you mean winning? At the expense of what? Winning, implied, is someone losing…this is insanity.”

Referencing the time back in 2011 when Charlie Sheen became know for the catchphrase “winning”, Black then joked: “Who else has been talking about winning obsessively lately? Oh yeah. Charlie Sheen. When he was on crack.

“Where are we where the president and Charlie Sheen are on the same exact page?” he added. The actor was wearing a hat during the interview, which featured anti-Trump slogan ‘Make American Rage Again’.

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As the new president was being sworn in on Friday, Black was performing at an Anti Inaugural Ball hosted by Prophets of Rage. The gig also featured the first live performance of Audioslave in 11 years.

Prophets of Rage are a rap rock supergroup formed by former Rage Against the Machine members Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk along with Public Enemy's Chuck D and DJ Lord and B-Real of Cypress Hill.