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A Teenaged Girl Becomes Jack Black In First Footage From 'Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle'

Dwayne Johnson Jack Black Karen Gillan Kevin Hart Nick Jonas

Dwayne Johnson presented the first look at upcoming adventure Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle at CinemaCon on Monday night.

The film, which features Johnson alongside Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas, Jack Black and Kevin Hart, is a continuation rather than a reboot of the 1995 children’s classic which starred the late Robin Williams.

Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson presented the first Jumanji footage at CinemaCon

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Kevin Hart Gives First Look At Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black And Karen Gillan In 'Jumanji' Sequel

Kevin Hart Dwayne Johnson Karen Gillan Jack Black

Kevin Hart has given fans their first look at the new Jumanji sequel which is scheduled to hit cinemas next year. Last month star Dwayne Johnson made it clear that the film would be a sequel to the 1995 children’s classic, which starred Robin Williams, rather than a reboot as some had originally thought.

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Kylie Jenner Becomes Latest Victim Of Twitter Hacker

Kylie Jenner Katy Perry Jack Black

Kylie Jenner has become the latest celebrity to have her Twitter account hacked, by the same person who targeted Katy Perry last week. The hacker posted series of bizarre and explicit messages on Kylie’s Twitter, which were later deleted when the 18-year-old regained control of her account.

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner’s twitter was hacked early on Monday morning (June 6).

The hacker first tweeted: "alex is a stupid N****”, then ”everybody type in the chat alex is a stupid n****”. They also took aim at friend Justin Bieber, writing, “I want your c*** @JustinBieber”. The hacker then mocked Kylie herself tweeting, "I love being so famous with no talent”.

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Jack Black Is Not Dead! Actor Victim Of Death Hoax After Twitter Hack

Jack Black Tenacious D

Actor and musician Jack Black has become the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax after a poor-taste Twitter prank. The Twitter account of Black’s band Tenacious D was hacked early on Sunday morning and announced that he had passed away at the age of 46.

Jack BlackJack Black is alive and well.

The hacker first tweeted: ‘I'm sad to officially announce the death of Jack Black at the age of 46, rest in peace brother.’ They then followed with: ‘It is with a heavy heart I am to announce that Jack Black passed away last night at 3:37am. The cause of death is yet unknown.’

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Kung Fu Panda 3 Review


This animated trilogy concludes on a very high note with this smart, involving and often hilarious adventure. Both the writing and the animation are especially strong this time around, drawing in bigger themes while still keeping things both thrilling and very silly. But it's the endearing central characters who make it resonate.

As the Dragon Warrior, the panda Po (voiced by Jack Black) is struggling to rise to the challenge to become a teacher, coaxed by his master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman). He'd rather be out fighting battles with his five warrior pals Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper and Crane (Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu and David Cross). Then he meets his long-lost father Li (Bryan Cranston), who tells him of a secret homeland for pandas, where Po might be able to find himself. Meanwhile, the power-mad warlord Kai (J.K. Simmons) has broken through from the spirit realm, determined to collect the chi of every master in the mortal world. So it's rather urgent that Po discovers his own chi before Kai finds him.

This is far more than the usual story about discovering your place in life. It's a complex exploration of how our backgrounds and communities contribute to who we are, and why each of us has a distinct role to play. These themes emerge naturally through the snappy, sometimes exhilarating story and characters. In voicing Po, Black finds the perfect balance between goofiness and honest emotion that often eludes him in live-action roles. His interaction with all of the surrounding characters bristles with humour and insight, with sharply funny one-liners peppering every scene. Most of the side roles are spread very thinly, but both Cranston and Simmons register strongly, while Jolie and Hoffman get some solid scenes all their own. And Hudson's riotously flirtatious ribbon-dancing panda easily steals her scenes.

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Goosebumps Review


Mixing the action, comedy and horror from novelist R.L. Stein's books into a family-friendly package, this lively romp is entertaining enough to amuse the audience even when it veers off the rails. It helps that Jack Black is on board, giving one of his more energetically charged performances, and that the script peppers scenes with smart gags. But an over-reliance on big special effects weakens the movie's big climax, and the breathless pace is sometimes exhausting.

Black plays Stein himself, a reclusive author and over-protective father who lives in a small town with his daughter Hannah (Odeya Rush). Then single mother Gale (Amy Ryan) moves in next door with her teen son Zach (Dylan Minette), who is immediately intrigued by Hannah. Despite Stein's warnings, Zach and his new school friend Champ (Ryan Lee) sneak into the house to find out more, opening one of the novelist's manuscripts in the process. Out pops an abominable snowman, who proceeds to wreak havoc in the town. And the next literary escapee, the sadistic ventriloquist's dummy Slappy, is even worse. He sets about releasing all of Stein's fictional monsters into the real world, unleashing chaos on a massive scale. But Zach has an idea that may stop the mayhem.

Screenwriter Darren Lemke and director Rob Letterman have a great time bringing the maximum level of pandemonium to this small town, with a range of outrageous creatures that are both comical and scary. These are rendered in rather obvious digital animation, including a gang of militarised garden gnomes, a slimy blob, zombies, werewolves and a gigantic praying mantis. But the cartoonish sheen is undercut intriguingly by some genuinely tense moments, mainly because Slappy is properly menacing. Black provides Slappy's gleefully sinister voice while hamming it up on-screen as Stein. Minette and Rush are fine as the usual bland youthful heroes with a cute hint of romance between them. And more textured acting is provided in small roles by Ryan, Jillian Bell (as Gale's airhead sister) and Ken Marino (as a lovelorn colleague).

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Jack Black Says Kung Fu Panda 3 Is The Best One Yet

Jack Black

Even as critics are calling Kung Fu Panda 3 the best in the trilogy, Jack Black knows that it's the public that demanded another movie. "I think there's a hunger for panda," he laughs. "People want more panda. And that's a good sign. But then the panda's been very good to me! I've had great experiences making these movies and travelling the world to promote them."

Po finally finds a place where he's not the odd one out in Kung Fu Panda 3

With this third adventure, Black sees the story coming to a proper climax. "You've got the beginning, the middle and now here's the big finish," he says. "And I think it's the best of the three in many ways. Three is the magic number! It's got a really kick-ass emotional ending. The whole crowd was flipping out when we screened it at my kids' school."

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Comedy's The Word As Kristen Wigg, Jack Black Head To Sundance 2015

Jack Black

Whereas previous Sundance line-ups have relied on the talents of the world's greatets dramatic talents, the 2015 edition, which kicks off in Park City on January 22, will be home to some of Hollywood's funniest people. The unveiling of the program shows a heavy move towards comedy, with Jack Black and Kristen Wiig amongst the star names heading to Utah.

Kristen WiigKristen Wiig will bring two movies to Sundance 2015

Bridesmaids star Wiig returns with two new movies, The Diary of a Teenager in the U.S Dramatic Competition and Nasty Baby in NEXT. The former co-stars Alexander Skarsgard and tells the story of a teen artist living in 1970s San Francisco who enters into an affair with her mother's boyfriend. Nasty follows a gay couple trying to have a baby with the help of their best friend.

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21 Years: Richard Linklater - Clips

Indie filmmaking is one of the best niches to find super-talented directors and writers; and none more so than Richard Linklater. Having recently received a flood of praise for the extraordinary and innovative 'Boyhood' - a movie filmed over thirteen years with the same actors - actors and movie makers everywhere join this appraising documentary marking 21 years of amazing cinema from this artist. With works including the decade spanning romance trilogy 'Before Sunrise', musical comedy 'School of Rock', animated thriller 'A Scanner Darkly', crime drama 'Bernie' and underdog flicks 'Slacker' and 'Bad News Bears', the Texan cine-hero continues to produce imaginative and totally unique, genre-crossing stories with comedy 'That's What I'm Talking About' and a 'School of Rock' TV series marking his upcoming projects.

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Who Could Play Rob Ford?

Jack Black

With news that the rights to a movie based on the life of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been sold, the question is who’s going to play the infamous Mayor? While there’s no word yet, we have a few ideas of who could fill the Mayor’s big shoes.

Toronto Mayor Rob FordToronto Mayor Rob Ford

Seth Rogen
A likely and an unlikely choice, we’ve seen Rogen play his fair share of stoners before, plus he’s also one of the only celebrities who’s not shy about his own drug use. However what might throw a spanner in the works is the fact that Rogen has recently sold a script about a drug taking politician, something he had in the works for years. He said the sale of the script was aided by Ford’s recent scandal.

Mike Myers
Fellow Canadian Mike Myers could certainly bring a lot of laughs to the role. He may need some help getting into character physically, but based on his previous on screen transformations we think he could manage it. It's also been a while since we've seen the Austin Powers actor in a big screen role.

Kevin James
Kevin James was well known to TV fans for his role in ‘King of Queens’ but he's yet to have a big screen hit. Perhaps this could be the role James needs. Physically he seems the most fitting for the part and if filmakers decided to really play up the comic aspect of Ford, James could really shine.

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School Of Rock Reunion Sees Jack Black Thrashing The Axe

Jack Black Miranda Cosgrove

School of Rock's cast have reunited after ten years apart. The cast of the musical comedy appeared at a celebratory event in honour of the film's tenth anniversary. Hosted on August 29th, the screening was held by the Film Association of Austin.

Jack Black
Jack Black performing at the show with the School of Rock band.

The event in Austin, Texas saw Jack Black and the class of 2003's School of Rock appear at a special screening to celebrate the film's ten year anniversary. The event included a screening of the show, a Q&A session and a performance by the School of Rock band. Miranda Cosgrove posted photographs of the event on Instagram, including a photograph of the cast ten years ago. 

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Pictures: Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, 'Moonrise Kingdom' Honored At 22nd Annual Gotham Independent Awards

Marion Cotillard Matt Damon Wes Anderson Emily Blunt Jared Leto Willem Dafoe Jack Black Ethan Hawke David O Russell Agyness Deyn

Marion Cotillard, Gotham Awards 2012Matt Damon and Lucian Bozan Barroso

Oscar winning alumni Marion Cotillard [Left] and Matt Damon [Right, with Luciana Bozan Barroso] were given honorary achievements at the Gothan Awards

One of the most respected independent awards ceremonies on the circuit, the 22nd annual Gotham Independent Film Awards took place last night (November 26, 2012) at the Capriani in New York, seeing both established stars and rising up and comers rubbing shoulders. Firmly in the former camp are Oscar winning pair Marion Cotillard and Matt Damon; the two stars were presented with honorary awards for their time in the film industry. Cotillard, at least, has her eyes on another chance to scoop the ultimate prize, her performance in Rust & Bone being talked up for another best actress win at the Oscars. 

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The Muppets Review

Using their long absence from the screen as a premise, this film astutely taps into the nostalgia former fans still feel for these anarchic, loveable characters while winning over new followers. And even though it's very silly, it's still hugely enjoyable.

In Smalltown America, Walter (Linz) has always felt different from his brother Gary (Segel). He has longed to meet the Muppets, his childhood heroes, and gets the chance when Gary and his girlfriend Mary (Adams) take him on a trip Los Angeles. But the Muppet Theatre is in ruin, and an evil tycoon (Cooper) is planning to tear it down and drill for oil. After meeting Kermit (Whitmire), Walter, Mary and Gary hatch a plan to save the theatre. But most of the Muppets have moved on with their lives.

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The Big Year Review

Even though it's rather corny and sentimental, this colourful comedy-drama holds our interest mainly because it's about a subject we'd never imagine watching a film about.

Brad (Black) is a birdwatcher who decides to do a Big Year, seeing as many birds as possible in 12 months, while holding down a full-time job and borrowing against his credit cards. Jetting around the country for rare spottings, he comes up against his record-holding nemesis Kenny (Wilson) as well as Stu (Martin), a corporate big-wig who has taken a year off work to follow his dream. But will their obsession with birding cause problems in their private lives?

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The Big Year Trailer

Brad Harris is having what he calls a 'no-life crisis'. He is stuck in a soul destroying job and he is still living with his parents, despite him being in his mid-thirties. The one thing that holds any interest for him is bird watching. When he discovers that this year is known to 'birders' as 'The Big Year' - one year where birders set out to find as many birds in the country as possible - Brad is determined to beat the record previously set by Kenny Postick.

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The Muppets Trailer

Underneath the famous Muppet Theatre, oil has been discovered. Tex Richman, an oilman, finds out and plans to demolish the theatre so he can start drilling. Walter, Gary and Mary are three friends who also happen to be huge fans of The Muppets. They plan to stage what they call 'The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever', so they can raise $10 million to stop the destruction of the Muppet Theatre.

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Kung Fu Panda 2 Review

Very Good
Jack Black's cuddly alter-ego is back for another epic adventure in this lively, colourful sequel. It pretty much has the same plot as the final act of the 2008 original, and it's not quite as funny, but it's beautifully animated and thoroughly engaging.

Now that Dragon Warrior panda Po (voiced by Black) has joined the Furious Five (Jolie's tigress, Rogen's mantis, Chan's monkey, Liu's viper and Cross' crane), there's peace in the valley again. But in a distant kingdom, the villainous peacock Lord Shen (Oldman) has developed a secret weapon with which he plans to take over China and put an end to kung fu. Although he's been rattled for decades, since his soothsayer (Yeoh) told him he'll be conquered by a panda.

And he knows the Dragon Warrior is on his way.

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Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom Trailer

What more can come for the Panda who has it all? Since gaining the respect of his heroes - Master Shifu and the furious five - and defeating the evil snow leopard Tai Lung, Po's life in the Valley of Peace is perfect but it isn't to last.

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Gullivers Travels Trailer

Gulliver works in a mail room, he's got big dreams and ambitions but he's never had the chance to prevail, when he's mistakenly given the a new assignment to write a piece on the Bermuda Triangle, he accepts his mission and he soon finds himself a giant among men. In this case, it's quite literally the truth when he lands upon the island of Lilliput.

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Jack Black, Kung Fu Panda Interview

Jack Black - Kung Fu Panda Interview

Jack Black leads the all-star vocal cast in Kung Fu Panda, watch this interview with the man himself talking about his character, what attracted him to the part and just how similar Po and him actually are.

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Kung Fu Panda Review

Very Good
It's surprising that Hollywood has taken until 2008 to come up with Kung Fu Panda. Taking your factory-issue period-piece martial arts plot -- wherein schlubby protagonist finds his inner warrior as a means of expressing filial piety and ensuring the harmonious survival of his village -- and combining it with supercharged computer animation, PG-friendly combat, and a flurry of cute animals just makes good business sense. One could argue about the logic of surrounding Jackie Chan (voicing a monkey who's also a kung fu master) with a Hollywood stew of A-list talent eager to scoop up some easy voice-actor money, but when the film's star is an overweight panda voiced by Jack Black, such kvetching is almost beside the point.

Blazing across the screen with eye-popping, sublime artwork, Kung Fu Panda sets itself apart from the modern domestic animation trend with its sheer beauty. From an opening dream sequence whose abstract style seems culled straight from a modern manga, the film enters instant classic status as some of the most gorgeous animation Hollywood has produced since the golden age of Disney. Eschewing the cold and severe art of Dreamworks' Shrek films, the makers of Kung Fu Panda fill the screen with painterly backdrops of mountain vistas and fluttering leaves that give Zhang Yimou a run for his money. It somehow makes it all the funnier to have the titular panda, Po (Black), come huffing and wheezing through the impeccable and non-specific ancient China landscapes like a less-active relative of Hurley on Lost.

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Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny Review

If Tenacious D's lyrics are to be believed, then the two-man super group is the universe's greatest rock band.

Comprised of dueling acoustic guitarists Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the D fills albums with harmonious and ridiculously clever odes to their own awesomeness. Their rock operas would make excellent B-sides for Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell album. Indeed, the band belongs on a triple bill with '70s monsters of melodic metal Black Sabbath and Queen.

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Envy (2004) Review

The last half hour of Saturday Night Live is inevitably a wasteland. Talented comedians are given Z grade material that goes nowhere. Imagine if the entire show were that dismal. That, in a nutshell, is Envy.

It begins with two working stiffs, Tim (Ben Stiller) and Nick (Jack Black) plodding their lives away at a 3M facility. By-the-book Tim is creeping into middle management while dreamer Nick wallows on the factory floor concocting wacky ideas for useless products. All of that changes when one of Nick's hare-brained schemes, a spray that dissolves dog excrement called Vapoorize (No. Stop. I think I'm gonna bust a gut.), pans out and makes millions.

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Saving Silverman Review

Saving Silverman is a film you pray for. With its hilarious trailer, you beg and plead with the Hollywood Gods that, no, all the funny scenes can't be in the previews -- they had to have saved something for the movie, right? Please make this another sophisticated-yet-subversive comedy like Meet the Parents.

Alas, my prayers were not answered. Saving Silverman is an often-funny farce -- and probably the best comedy we're going to see until the summer -- but it's a poor imitation of some much better movies, desperately longing to be Woody Allen while ending up as Adam Sandler.

Continue reading: Saving Silverman Review

Bongwater Review

Unfortunately poorly realized, this tale of a pot dealer/artist (Luke Wilson) who ends up going all goofy for a local crazy (Alicia Witt) never really works -- throwing a pile of nutty character actors like Brittany Murphy, Andy Dick, and Jack Black at us in the hopes of making us forget there's no story here. That works from time to time, and Witt is always a charmer, but otherwise this one's a throwaway. Dig that video cover!

School Of Rock Review


Jack Black isn't an actor, he's a clown -- and a one-schitck clown at that.

Compare any two-minute clip of his new comedy "School of Rock" to any of his scenes from "Orange County," "Shallow Hal" or "Saving Silverman," and you'll see the exact same tongue-wagging and eye-bugging mugging, the exact same frenzied, finger-knotting gestures and roly-poly, off-balance dancing, the exact same eyebrow-stitching failed attempts at momentary sincerity, and the exact same set-devouring dialogue delivery.

"Read between the lines, baby! Read between the lines!" he whispers then screams, whispers then screams while giving a three-fingered flip-off to the musicians who have just kicked the embarrassing stage-hog out of their band in this movie's establishing scene.

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Envy Review


Even if you have not yet tired of the eye-bugging, eyebrow-dancing, class-clown schtick of Jack Black or the eye-bugging, eyebrow-dancing, fretful straight-man schtick of Ben Stiller, the first collaboration between these two one-trick ponies is still unlikely to draw a single laugh for its slapdash story of one-dimensional "Envy" run amok.

The pair star as K-Mart-class stiffs in the sandpaper trade who are best pals and neighbors in an under-the-power-lines cul-de-sac of the San Fernando 'burbs. A fusspot pragmatic by temperament, Stiller slowly turns bitter green when Black -- a wild-eyed daydreamer full of half-baked inventions and get-rich-quick schemes -- gets rich quick by helping conceive an aerosol spray that makes pet poop evaporate.

Soon Stiller and family (Rachel Weisz is wasted in a do-nothing role as his wife) are living across the street from the gaudy uber-mansion that replaced Black's tract home, complete with a carousel on the grounds and Corinthian-styled stables for a white horse that's always getting loose and nibbling on their apple tree. When jealous Stiller accidentally kills the horse in a midnight fit of drunken archery (Black's yard also boasts a bow-and-arrow target range), he tries to hide the body with the help of a weird hobo (Christopher Walken), and hilarity is supposed to ensue.

Continue reading: Envy Review

Orange County Review


Somewhere inside the surprisingly fresh, sharply jocular, angst-of-youth comedy "Orange County" there's a trite, typical teen movie struggling to get out. But director Jake Kasden just keeps out-witting the monster, pulling the carpet out from under its inherent clichés and giving his characters the chance to breathe and break free of their stock moldings.

A screwball affair about a bookwormy high school beach bum from the SoCal 'burbs who thinks his life is over when he doesn't get into Stanford, this flick rises above the spiritless, increasingly insipid, cookie-cutter teen genre simply because Kasden ("Zero Effect") and screenwriter Mike White ("Chuck and Buck") cared enough to try a little harder.

Played with pitch-perfect Everykid exasperation by sublimely expressive string bean Colin Hanks (son of Tom), Shaun Brumder had his heart set on pursuing his literary aspirations under the tutelage of his favorite writer, a professor at the venerated campus. So when he finds out his rejection was the fault of an inept guidance counselor (Lily Tomlin -- in the first of several inspired cameo performances) who sent the wrong transcript, Shaun goes on a dogged mission to get the decision reconsidered.

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