Jack Antonoff won't collaborate with artists he doesn't know.

The Bleachers star doesn't keep a wish list of artists he'd like to work with because he has to get to know a person and their artistic goal first before he'll consider hitting the studio with them.

Asked if there are any artists he'd like to work with, he said: "No, because the whole nature of collaboration is that you find out through talking to someone about where they're going — and that's what excites you about the collaboration. So, if I don't know someone, I can't really imagine collaborating with them because they only sort of know where they've been. It might sound like a cop-out answer, but it's truly how I feel."

And even when he's in the studio with a collaborator, the songwriter-and-producer - who has co-written tracks for the likes of Taylor Swift, St . Vincent and Lana Del Rey - explained that there is "very little crossover" in the room, but when it does happen, it's all the more "thrilling".

He added to BuzzFeed: "Those things are usually pretty organic. You're with someone, you may work on some other stuff, and there's that funny feeling in the room where you give someone permission to have an opinion on it [laughs]. That unspoken, 'Hey, I could do this or that' — from either side. They're always random and organic. It's funny, because I think people know me for a lot of collaborations that happen — but when it comes to my work, I feel really insular, even if I'm with someone else. Very little crossover in these spaces, so when it does happen, it feels thrilling and irregular."

Bleachers returned this week with their third studio album, 'Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night', which features Lana and Bruce Springsteen.

And Jack hinted that there are many Easter eggs hidden within the LP which might be missed by fans.

He said: "Oh, totally. But it's only fun if they discover them. There's landmines everywhere!"