Jack Antonoff hears a ''female voice'' in his head when he writes music.

The 33-year-old singer and songwriter - who is currently dating Lena Dunham - has admitted whenever he sits down to pen a anew track he will hear women play back the song in his head,.

The Bleachers frontman told the Metro newspaper: ''I grew up with only sisters and wen i write, I very much hear things in a female voice. Not to generalise but females are more honest and transparent. There's just a connection there.''

The record producer,w ho has previously worked with Taylor Swift and Lorde, has admitted the one artist he truly admires is the 58-year-old singer Kate Bush because he thinks her music is suitable for all listeners.

Speaking about the 'Wuthering Heights' hitmaker and his largest influence, he said: ''Kate bush is beyond an inspiration. She makes music designed for all.''

Meanwhile, Jack has admitted he can be perceived as a ''bizarre'' person because of his obscure tendencies, and he has revealed no one has ''ever'' hailed him as being an easygoing male.

He explained: ''I have a lot of habits that come across as bizarre. No one has ever accused me of being easygoing.''