Jack Antonoff got advice from Bruce Springsteen, Lana Del Ray, Taylor Swift and Lorde for his new album.

The singer-and-producer only shares his music for a small group of people before its released because he isn't trying to make a record for "everyone in the world" and he's thankful he can count a number of other artists among his inner circle because their feedback on upcoming LP 'Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night' was very useful.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "The best records are made with a small group of people that really believe in something. My group is like me, my manager, my A&R person who doesn’t even work on my label anymore — he’s just a really close person to me. Then my family, and some artists like Lana [Del Ray]. I always play some for Ella [Lorde]. Taylor, of course.

"Bruce [Springsteen] is deeply in the group. I played him the whole record the other day. We took a drive and listened to it. If I was trying to make an album that everyone in the world was supposed to like, I would ask everyone in the world, but I’m trying to make an album that’s for my people. So I’m playing it for my people."

Jack recieved "endless" feedback from the singers and took their tips on board, but it isn't only the opinions of fellow musicians that matter to him.

Asked what kind of feedback they give him, he said: "Endless. I wasn’t totally sure about '91' opening the album. Bruce was like, 'No, that’s the move.'

"Taylor was a big part of giving me a push to release 'I Wanna Get Better'. I was sending her songs for that first Bleachers album. I thought maybe 'Rollercoaster' should come first, which would have been such a bad idea, too safe.

"'I Wanna Get Better' is a f****** life story in three minutes. And I listened, because I really respect her.

"But everyone in that world is sort of equal. My mom’s input is just as valid."