After releasing his Bleachers documentary 'Thank You And Sorry' with a comedy spin, it was only a matter of time before we saw Jack Antonoff making a movie cameo. Now he's appearing in forthcoming comedy drama 'Hello, My Name Is Doris' as the lead singer of a band called Baby Goya.

Jack Antonoff in 'Hello, My Name Is Doris'Bleachers' Jack Antonoff plays a fictitious musician in 'Hello, My Name Is Doris'

It's always fun to see a musician starring in a movie - especially when it's a comedy - whether they play themselves, a fictitious musician or even a completely different character altogether. We compiled a list of some of the best musician movie cameos in history.

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Rihanna - This Is The End: Not only did Rihanna play herself in this 2013 apocalypse comedy, but everyone else did too. While she only made a few brief appearances before meeting her untimely death by falling to the centre of the earth, it was pretty damn hilarious to see her throw a punch at Michael Cera. Do NOT touch Rihanna's butt.

RihannaRihanna was badass in 'This Is The End'

Alice Cooper - Dark Shadows: The shock rocker is pretty good friends with Johnny Depp, so it was nice to see them reunited in the vampire comedy 'Dark Shadows'. He performs at the family's household, during which time Depp's character Barnabas Collins remarks that he is 'the ugliest woman i've ever seen'.

Alice CooperPoor Alice Cooper. Who's Johnny Depp calling ugly?!

Pharrell Williams - Get Him To The Greek: Quite a few famous faces appeared as themselves in Jonah Hill and Russell Brand comedy 'Get Him To The Greek', but it was a particularly funny moment when P. Diddy's character Sergio starts deriding Pharrell's pink shirt which he wants to wear for his song 'I'm Gangster'.

PharrellLeave Pharrell and his pink shirt alone!

Norah Jones - Ted: Sam Jones was probably the most well known cameo in 'Ted', but let's not forget that the once famous title character still has contacts. He once dated Norah Jones, and he uses her to help repair the relationship between John and Lori during a touching stage performance.

Norah JonesNorah Jones used to date Ted

Keith Richards - Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End: It's time for Captain Jack Sparrow to re-unite with his long lost father, and who better to sire a permanently drunk, morally deficient pirate like him than The Rolling Stones' resident maverick Keith Richards? He becomes Captain Teague, an appropriate choice given that he actually inspired Johnny Depp's take on Jack.

Keith RichardsKeith Richards is Jack Sparrow's dad

Michael Jackson - Men in Black II: Of the many interesting 'Men In Black' cameos, Michael Jackson's appearance in 'Men In Black II' has to be the most amusing. The pop superstar appears to call MIB headquarters from Antarctica to report on the latest alien news, before begging that he be allowed to join the team officially and become Agent M.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson just wants to be part of the team in 'Men In Black II'

David Bowie - Zoolander: Of course, David Bowie is no stranger to Hollywood - 1986's 'Labyrinth' was momentous in his growing popularity. But that scene where he whips off his sunglasses and is all like 'I believe I might be of service', preparing to judge the model walk-off was just brilliant.

David BowieAnyone needing a David Bowie?

Marilyn Manson - Party Monster: How much fun must Marilyn Manson have had staggering around playing coked up transvestite Christina Superstar on 'Party Monster'? He definitely looked in his element. A little bit of trivia for the fans; did you know that Macaulay Culkin bought Manson his first pack of cigarettes during the filming? Crazy!

Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson rocked as party girl Christina

Tom Jones - Mars Attacks!: This Welsh crooner getting chased off stage by homicidal aliens has definitely got to be one of the best scenes in Tim Burton's 'Mars Attacks!'. It's made even more bizarrely funny by Danny DeVito fan-boying over the panicked Jones as he tries to run to safety.

Tom JonesTom Jones escapes the Martians in 'Mars Attacks!'

Blink 182 - American Pie: The pop-punk band didn't even have a line to say in this 1999 teen comedy. They were just there to witness the shameful first sexual encounter of Jason Biggs' character Jim, which was broadcast on camera for the world to see. The band were just as shocked as their monkey companion.

Blink-182No-one wants Blink 182 to see their most embarrassing sexual encounters

Gwen Stefani - The Aviator: Stefani portrayed 1930s actress Jean Harlow in Martin Scorsese's 2004 Howard Hughes biopic 'The Aviator', starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Harlow famously appeared on the red carpet with Hughes for the  'Hell's Angels' premiere, but it was only a brief appearance for Stefani.

Gwen StefaniGwen Stefani was her usual glam self as Jean Harlow in 'The Aviator'

Dave Grohl - Tenacious D The Pick Of Destiny: There really wasn't anybody else who could've played Satan in 'The Pick Of Destiny' than the Foo Fighters frontman. He actually reprised his role as the rock demon from the 2001 video for Tenacious D hit 'Tribute'. It's probably the best devil interpretation ever seen in film.

Dave GrohlIf Satan played guitar, he'd definitely look like Dave Grohl

Billy Idol - The Wedding Singer: Our hearts literally burst every time Billy Idol's scene on the plane comes up on 'The Wedding Singer'. From his announcement of Robbie's song for Julia over the tannoy to his allowance of a hardcore fan to defend him against a threatening Glenn, he is just the most perfect wingman ever.

Billy IdolBilly Idol is the ultimate matchmaker

Eminem - Funny People: Adam Sandler gets to co-star with another musician in 'Funny People', which sees his character having a deep conversation with Eminem about the pitfalls of fame. That's right before he launches into a rant at 'Everybody Loves Raymond' star Ray Romano, saying a few choice words after catching him staring at him.

EminemEminem hates being stared at

Kylie Minogue - Moulin Rouge!: Okay, so technically Kylie was an actress before she became a singer, but whenever she makes a cameo in a TV show or movie we still think of her as a popstar. Her most memorable cameo was in 2001's 'Moulin Rouge!' in which she played the hallucinated Green Fairy of Absinthe. 

Kylie MinogueIt can't be a bad thing to see Kylie Minogue while drinking Absinthe