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24th September 2013

Quote: "I'm so much less anxious because I have a sense of what's to come. I think the uncertainty last time is what made me nervous... I think I'm carrying a little athlete because the kicks are sharp. It's either muscle memory or the baby's going to be very strong." Reality star Ivanka Trump opens up about her second pregnancy.

11th April 2013

Tweet: "Jared and I are so excited that Arabella will become a big sister this fall. Thanks for all your good wishes!" Donald Trump's reality Tv star daughter Ivanka Trump has confirmed reports she's expecting a second child with her husband Jared Kushner.

15th August 2012

Tweet: "Transferring from one train to another mid track after an engine meltdown. Technical Difficulties. Doesn't Amtrak know Arabella has an exact bedtime prior to her own combustion? Despite best efforts, I won't come in under the wire tonight." Socialite Ivanka Trump suffered a public transport nightmare on Tuesday (14Aug12), delaying her trip home to 12-month-old daughter Arabella.

27th July 2011

Tweet: "Ventured into the office for a few hours today but raced home to see Arabella this evening. I'm already experiencing separation anxiety!" New mum Ivanka Trump is having a hard time leaving her newborn baby girl to resume her business duties.

11th July 2011

Tweet: "This may be the week that I become a mother... my due date is Thursday! I am beyond excited (and just a bit petrified!)." Socialite Ivanka Trump is due to become the latest star to give birth this month (Jul11) - Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson both welcomed their babies over the weekend (09-10Jul11).

18th May 2011

Quote: "My dad was joking the other day how he's going to have a new favourite little girl. He's over the moon, he's so excited." Ivanka Trump, who is due to give birth a baby girl on July 14 (11), insists her dad, business mogul and Celebrity Apprentice star Donald, can't wait to meet his new granddaughter.

17th March 2010

Quote: "The toughest thing for me out of the whole Apprentice experience was sitting across from Ivanka Trump because she is smart, funny, witty, charming and beautiful. I kept thinking, 'Could we just have one last episode of (his dating show) ROCK OF LOVE in the boardroom?'" Poison singer BRET MICHAELS felt a strong attraction to Donald Trump's married 28-year-old daughter while shooting U.S. reality show CELEBRITY APPRENTICE with the real estate mogul.

11th March 2009

Quote: "People love to say that - it's hilarious (but) it's no more obvious a comparison than between myself and George Bush. PARIS is fine - she is what she is - but her lifestyle wouldn't appeal to me." Ivanka Trump refuses to be likened to fellow heiress Paris Hilton.

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