Ivanka Trump says she is too busy to be a nervous mother.

The 34-year-old businesswoman recently welcomed her third child Theodore with her husband Jared Kushner and admitted that although she was nervous about her first child, daughter Arabella, four, and her second child, son James, two, these days she has too much on to worry about every little thing.

She explained to PEOPLE: ''With Arabella I was so nervous all the time, I was nervous about breaking her, I was nervous about dropping her, I was nervous about all the basic elements of being a first-time parent. With Joseph, I was materially less nervous and now with Theodore I'm so busy chasing the other ones I don't have time to be nervous!''

However, Ivanka admitted that she was concerned about how James would react to his little brother.

She said: ''I was a little more worried about him, he's very much a mama's boy. He's loved it. He loves giving Theodore his bottle, he loves snuggling with us for books, he's always trying to kiss him - and obviously, doctor's orders is not to have your young child kissing the baby's face but it's really hard to stop that!''