Isla Fisher insists she would never have married Sacha Baron Cohen if he didn't have a good sense of humour.

The 'Now You See Me' actress - who has daughters with the 41-year-old funnyman - admits the couple often laugh about similar situations and as a result he inspired her to audition for more comical movie roles.

She said: ''We both have a similar sense of humour or I wouldn't have married him.

''He was the reason I got into comedy because I was going for a lot of dramatic roles and getting frustrated when I didn't get them.

''And Sacha said, 'You're the funniest person I know. You should be doing comedy.'

Despite landing comedy roles following her husband's suggestion, the 37-year-old beauty insists she can't sleep her way into a job as she found after filming scenes as a Russian prostitute in 'The Dictator' - in which Sacha plays the titular character - which were eventually scrapped.

Isla - who shot to fame in Australian soap 'Home and Away' - added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I actually did a scene or two in 'The Dictator' but they were cut.

''It just shows you that you can sleep with the main star, but the casting couch doesn't always pay off!

''Sacha cast me as a Russian prostitute, but it didn't work for the main story.

''Despite that, we had a lot of fun doing it.''