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Anna Faris Felt Hurt Over Tabloid Rumours About Marriage Problems

Anna Faris Chris Pratt Isla Fisher

Anna Faris has opened up about feeling hurt and insecure over tabloid stories about her marriage to Chris Pratt being on the rocks.

Speaking to friend Isla Fisher on her Unqualified podcast, Faris spoke about the increased attention her marriage to Pratt has received over the last year and how she copes with tabloid rumours about their relationship.

Chris Pratt and Anna FarisAnna Faris has felt insecure over marriage speculation

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Isla Fisher Teases 'Wedding Crashers' Sequel

Isla Fisher

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson could be set to re-unite for a sequel to 2005 comedy 'Wedding Crashers' according to Isla Fisher, who spilled the news on TV this week while promoting her latest movie 'Nocturnal Animals'. So far though, nothing has been confirmed for sure.

Isla FisherIsla Fisher reveals that there may be a 'Wedding Crashers 2'

The stars of 'Wedding Crashers' could be doing a 'Zoolander' soon and exploring the later lives of Jeremy and John in 'Wedding Crashers 2', with the first film having ended with the reprobate titular gatecrashers finally finding love in sisters Gloria and Claire.

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Nocturnal Animals Trailer

For a short time, Edward and Susan had a happy marriage, they lived in a nice neighbourhood, Susan had a good career and Edward was not far from taking the bar. Susan lives a fast-paced life and as such barely sleeps and Edward would somewhat affectionately tell her that she's a 'nocturnal animal'.

25 years later, Susan has remarried a serial philanderer and her life is far from happy. Unexpectedly a manuscript arrives at her door titled 'Nocturnal Animals' and with the dedication to 'Susan'. She pushes the pages aside and decides to leave them but eventually she can't help but start to read the book that she inspired Edward to write.

The story that unfolds is an incredibly dark tale of murder and revenge and Susan is shocked and traumatised that she would play such a pivotal role in the creation of such a dark piece of work. Susan's interpretation and retelling of the story soon impacts on her life and is unsure how Edward's return into her life will turn out.

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Keeping Up With The Joneses Trailer

Jeff and Karen Gaffney live the suburban dream, Jeff works in HR in the city and Karen works from home as well as looking after their children. The summer finally arrives and the kids go off to summer camp but that leaves a huge gap in Karen's day to day life.

Though her work is busy, she isn't exactly stimulated and once their new neighbour move in to the house across the street, Karen can't help but envy the love the newlyweds appear to share.

Tim and Natalie Jones are the latest additions to the neighbourhood and they're about to add a new touch of glamour to the family friendly street. They're beautiful, sophisticated and educated and Karen is intrigued by them and decides to investigate further. She follows her new neighbour and finally convinces Jeff that there's more to the Joneses that they're letting on. Karen and Jeff break into their house and uncover some missile blueprints, a whole room full of spy gear and personal information on all the people in the street.

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Grimsby Review


Although it contains some memorably outrageous comedy moments, this movie (retitled The Brothers Grimsby for North America) is such an awkward combination of gross-out humour, violent action and sappy sentimentality that it never becomes a classic. Sacha Baron Cohen creates yet another lively alter ego as lager lout Noddy, although he isn't nearly as fully formed as the indelible Ali G, Borat and Bruno.

Noddy Butcher lives in Grimsby, northeast England, with his girlfriend (Rebel Wilson) and 9 or maybe 11 kids. His main passions in life are football and beer, then he learns that his long-lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong) is alive and working as a super-spy. So Noddy heads to London and crashes Sebastian's latest mission, protecting a model-turned-philanthropist (Penelope Cruz). In the havoc, the brothers end up on the run trying to both clear their names and prevent an impending terror attack. This takes them to South Africa and Chile, as they're pursued by both a villainous thug (Scott Adkins) and a ruthless assassin (Sam Hazeldine) hired by Sebastian's boss (Ian McShane). Along the way, they're assisted by Sebastian's love-lorn colleague (Isla Fisher), locals (including Gabourey Sidibe and Barkhad Abdi) and the gang from Nobby's hometown pub.

The script merrily pushes the boundaries of taste, often with riotous vulgarity. Some of this is so jaw-dropping that it's funny (an unforgettable scene involving a herd of elephants), while other jokes are harder to take (a running gag about HIV infection). Most of the humour centres squarely on male genitalia and anal insertion, which gives the film an oddly homophobic undercurrent that will only amuse the drunken yobs in the audience. More interesting is the wildly astute pastiche of Britain's perceived benefits fraud subculture. But director Louis Leterrier (The Transporter) seems uninterested in this, instead focussing on intensely brutal action, which results in an unusually high body count for a comedy.

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Sacha Baron Cohen Threatens Family Of Old Lady He Chucked Off Stage [Video]

Sacha Baron Cohen Isla Fisher Salma Hayek

Of all Sacha Baron Cohen's outrageous and cringe-worthy stunts that he's pulled off over the years, his Britannia Awards prank has caused a great deal more analysis and disbelief than any other. Sacha was introduced to the awards show stage to be honoured for his contribution to comedy by actress Salma Hayek and an old, wheelchair-bound lady who was introduced as Grace Collington, a former child star who worked with Charlie Chaplin.

Sacha Baron Cohen
Sacha Baron Cohen Momentarily Appeared To Have Killed An Old Lady.

Grace offered the Borat actor Chaplin's iconic cane, saying "This is from City Lights." The audience "aww'd" and Sacha began to tap dance with it, emulating the legendary 20th century performer. Cohen then leant his full body weight of the cane which snapped sending the actor careering into Grace's wheelchair and throwing her off the stage into the audience below with a scream.

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Isla Fisher And Jesse Eisenberg Treat Fans To Exclusive Q&A Session For New Film 'Now You See Me' [Pictures]

Isla Fisher Jesse Eisenberg

Isla Fisher was on hand to discuss her new film, Now You See Me, to media personelle and a handful of lucky fans at London's Apple Store on Regent Street this week (June 19), with the actress discussing the new thriller alongside her co-star Jesse Eisenberg. The two spoke at length about what we can expect from the film and have since spoken to various UK press outlets about the film in the run-up to it's UK release.

Wearing a form-fitting grey dress as she chatted about the flick - which is currently performing well in US cinemas - to a group of lucky fans, the 37-year-old actress has discussed some of the difficulties she faced during filming, including one near-fatal stunt that almost drowned her. The actress has discussed her life-threatening situation before, and at the Q&A she talked about it in further length to the shock audience. She told the Mail on Sunday last month, "They had a guy who was off camera, but he was a long way away with a can of oxygen. By the time I realised I couldn't get up and beckoned for him, I realised that I had run out of air."

Watch the trailer for Now You See Me  

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Video - Dave Franco And Isla Fisher Are Quizzed About Card Tricks And Stunt Work For Their New Movie 'Now You See Me'

Dave Franco and Isla Fisher are interviewed about their new magician movie 'Now You See Me'. They talk about card tricks, Isla being the only woman on the team and the very real stunt-work and fight scenes.

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'Now You See Me' Receives Mixed Reviews From Critics On US Release

Jesse Eisenberg Mark Ruffalo Woody Harrelson Isla Fisher Dave Franco Melanie Laurent Morgan Freeman Michael Caine Louis Leterrier

Magical mystery thriller Now You See Me receives a flood of favourable and not so favourable reviews as it is released in US movie theatres today (May 31st 2013).

With a star-studded ensemble cast led by Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Mélanie Laurent, Morgan Freemanand Michael Caine, it's no wonder 'Now You See Me' has turned out to be a massive hit with many critics. Living up to its expectations, this Louis Leterrier directed movie has been described as 'A grandiose, far-fetched, somewhat tongue-in-cheek caper thriller' by Vulture and Television Without Pity said 'the tricks were really fantastic' and 'overall, it was an enjoyable time'.

On the other hand, many were unimpressed, with Complex stating rather bluntly, 'the illusion of its awesomeness vanishes to reveal its greatest trick yet: stealing your money' and CTV's Canada AM suggesting that one should 'wrap it in cellophane, lock it in a box and hide it under the bed'. Either way, if you like glamour, mystery and mischief then it's a great film to go and see and with such an excellent cast, just how bad can it possibly be?

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Video - Carey Mulligan And Emeli Sande Stand Out At 'The Great Gatsby' NY Premiere - Part 1

The cast of Baz Luhrmann's 'The Great Gatsby' make their arrivals at the movie's New York premiere. Among them are Carey Mulligan and Isla Fisher as well as popstars Emeli Sande and Coco Owino who both made contributions to the film soundtrack. Carey can be seen signing autographs and taking photos with fans before making her way over to the movie poster for press photos.

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Video - Baz Luhrmann, Tobey Maguire And Leonardo DiCaprio Comment On The New Movie 'The Great Gatsby' At The New York Premiere

The cast of 'The Great Gatsby' discussed their thoughts on the book-to-film adaptation of 'The Great Gatsby'. Among them were director Baz Luhrmann and stars Tobey Maguire, Isla Fisher, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton and Leonardo Dicaprio.

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Bachelorette Review

It's easy to see this comical romp as Bridesmaids meets The Hangover, but there's a bit more to it than that. It's a genuinely silly film with a rather simple plot, as three women try to accomplish something urgent while impaired by alcohol, drugs and romance. But it's goofy enough to keep us laughing.

The trio in question are Dunst, Fisher and Caplan, high school friends who reunite in New York as bridesmaids for Becky (a cleverly against-type Wilson), a girl none of them ever really liked. On the night before the marriage, they're goofing around with Becky's rather large wedding dress, and they tear it. So now they have one long night to get it repaired. Along the way, they run into the stag night for Becky's groom (MacArthur) and his chucklehead friends (Scott, Marsden and Bornheimer).

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The Great Gatsby Trailer

It is 1922 and Nick Carraway, a Midwesterner who moved to New York to kick off his career, rents a house next door to the mysterious Gatsby who regularly hosts extravagant parties. Everything is different to how it was; bigger buildings, drinking and parties more prevalent; and Nick finds himself becoming increasingly fascinated by the elusive and wealthy character that is Gatsby. Nick's cousin Daisy and her unfaithful, aristocratic husband live across the bay and, after Nick attends a party of his, Gatsby recognises his connection with Daisy and requests a meeting with her hoping to rekindle an old relationship. Nick bears witness to the corrupt and manipulative world of the upper-class and the tragedy and obsession that threatens to collapse their worlds.

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Rise Of The Guardians Trailer

Rise of the Guardians is a spectacularly vibrant CGI motion picture that tells the story of four powerful guardians. Bunny is a cool Australian protector of nature who places Easter eggs around children's gardens for them to find; the Sandman is the dream guardian - he doesn't ever speak but it extremely wise; North is the Christmas guardian and a fierce tattooed warrior; and the Tooth Fairy is an elegant, half-human, half-hummingbird tooth collector - she collects childhood memories and returns them only when they are needed most. All the guardians must unite when the evil boogeymen known as Pitch threatens to take over the world spreading fear in the hearts and imaginations of children.

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Video - Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg And Isla Fisher On Set Of Enchanting New Film

Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Isla Fisher are seen here in Las Vegas with a huge surrounding entourage as they make their way onto the set of their upcoming moving 'Now You See Me.' The group are clearly appreciative of the rapturous applause they receive from members of the public as they get ready to film on location.

'Now You See Me' is a film that centres on a group of magicians that are renowned the world over for their awe-inspiring illusions. However the ensemble's tricks aren't the only things that are gaining the troupe an audience as they also pull off bank heists during their performances and the FBI are hot on their tail

Burke & Hare Review

You can see what Landis was trying to do here: recapture the funny-scary tone of one of his biggest hits, 1981's An American Werewolf in London. But the mix of comedy and grisliness in this comical take on a true story is off the mark.

In 1828 Edinburgh, friends William Burke (Pegg) and William Hare (Serkis) realise they can make good money supplying cadavers to world-class surgeon Dr Knox (Wilkinson). But when they can't find a dead body, they kill someone instead. Hare's wife (Hynes) finds out and wants in on it, but Burke can't tell his aspiring actress girlfriend (Fisher) how he makes his living. Meanwhile, Knox is battling a rival surgeon (Curry) for the King's seal. And the local militia captain (Corbett) is closing in.

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Rango Trailer

Rango is a chameleon who isn't particularly content living the life of the general chameleon, he sees himself as more of a hero figure, striving to protect those who need him; but when he finds himself in a western town called Dirt, Rango must start playing the role he's always dreamt of fulfilling, but once he's faced by bandits will he be able to keep up the charade?

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Confessions Of A Shopaholic Review

Hollywood has found a new cash cow, though the use of the latter term might get more than a few supposedly chauvinistic critics in trouble. The modern woman, sick of the same old sloppy rom-com rationalizations, has decided to go gourmand. Like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, she wants it all and she wants it now. Oh course, back in the '70s, said little girl was considered a brat. Today, she is the reigning glamour queen of conspicuous consumption.

A perfect example of this ideal is Rebecca Bloomwood. The heroine of P.J. Hogan's adaptation of Sophia Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic, this spunky career gal wants a cushy job, a suave boyfriend, an understanding best bud, and an unlimited credit line... and that's just for starters. Only problem is, Rebecca (played with real drive by Isla Fisher) is neck-deep in debt. She just can't stop spending. When her job as a writer for a gardening rag falls through, she applies at the nation's number one fashion magazine. Named after its editor, Alette Naylor (Kristin Scott Thomas), the job represents the completion of all our heroine's career goals. Sadly, she has to settle for a gig writing at Successful Saving, a financial magazine. Oh, irony! Luckily, it's managed by the humble British hunk Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy).

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The Lookout Trailer

The Lookout marks Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Scott Frank's (Out of Sight), directorial debut. 

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London Review

There are basic things that constitute a successful script by Hollywood standards. Remember, I said successful, not good or terrible, just successful. The main character must go through certain actions and must change is the most important. Also, the supporting characters must help him get through the action and eventually, have a part in the change. By these standards, London is almost a successful Hollywood script (there is a serious lack of action). But what comes as a surprise, is that a bad script is the least of director Hunter Richards' problems.

It's a cold night in Manhattan when Syd (Chris Evans) decides to attend the going-away party of ex-girlfriend London (Jessica Biel) in the large loft of a friend (Isla Fisher, completely wasted). Before getting to the party, Syd stops to see his bartender friend, Mallory (Joy Bryant), and meets up with Bateman (Jason Statham), a man with a serious amount of cocaine but who refuses to be called a dealer. With Bateman and drugs in tow, Syd hits the party, doing more drugs and doing more alcohol that Hemingway, Carver and Sid Vicious combined. Bateman and Syd hole up in the bathroom talking about everything from S&M to the Almighty, and eventually Syd gets up the guts to talk to London.

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Wedding Crashers Review

About 20 minutes before the credits roll in "WeddingCrashers," something goes very wrong. It feels as if a drunken scriptdoctor stumbled into the party, demanded to know where all the clicheshad gone and insisted they be put right back where they belong.

Soon there are interrupted weddings, "I tried to tellyou but couldn't" apologies and an avalanche of other plot machinationsthat come close to ruining what is otherwise the bawdiest, most consistentlyhilarious comedy so far this year.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have an ad-lib-happy, almostHope-and-Crosby-like chemistry as a pair of buddies -- ironically talenteddivorce mediators by profession -- who spend their free time attendingweddings of people they don't know to score with girls they'll never seeagain. Almost the entire first reel of the movie is something akin to afilmmaking miracle -- one long, perfectly-tuned montage sequence of variousethnic weddings that just keeps getting funnier and funnier as it mixestoasts, dances, flirtations, made-up war stories, fake tears, and prettygirls caught up in the romance of the day and jumping our heroes' bones.

Story proper kicks in when the boys dare to crash "theKentucky Derby of weddings" -- the Secretary of State's eldest daughteris getting hitched -- and Wilson lays eyes on the middle daughter (talented,bright-eyed Everygirl knockout Rachel McAdams) as she's quietly snickeringthrough her sister's corny self-written vows.

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Scooby-Doo Review


Zoiks! Like, man, some ghoulish fiend is turning party-hearty spring breakers into straight-laced zombies on the amusement park resort atoll Spooky Island! And for once you'll never guess (well at least not right away) who will be unmasked as the villain in the gleefully goofball live-action version of "Scooby-Doo."

Self-spoofing yet devoted to its inspiration, this campy comedy ex-cartoon escapade may be edited with a fire axe and aimed mainly at kids, but screenwriter James Gunn (a veteran of underground spoof studio Troma Films) and director Raja Gosnell ("Big Momma's House") know who the hardcore "Scooby" fans are. They're grown-ups who have fond memories of the Saturday morning cartoon about an oddball foursome of post-teen detectives and their bark-talking dog, but who have since come to realize how stupid it was.

Liberally sprinkled with humor that only adults will get -- like the winking implications that cowardly hippie Shaggy (played to squeaky-voiced perfection by Matthew Lillard) is a major stoner -- the movie assumes a working knowledge of "Scooby-Doo" and is very smart about being deliberately stupid. It makes sport of the TV show's repetitive plots ("I'd have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!"). It pokes fun at the characters' personalities (perpetual damsel-in-distress Daphne, played with ditzy aplomb by Sarah Michelle Gellar, has become a black belt). And it's clever enough to know what parts of its source material worked and what didn't.

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Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher Quick Links

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Isla Fisher

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