Isaac Mizrahi is to launch his first fragrance.

The designer has created a women's scent named Fabulous, and is the first product of a beauty licensing deal signed with The Cloudbreak Group in November.

He told WWD: ''I've worked on other fragrance ideas before but this is the first time I'm actually launching one! I feel like if you get married too young, it rarely works out. It's the same thing with this - you get really very few chances at [creating a scent.] You have to get it right. There has to be care taken. That's what all these years of experience have brought to this. I really want it to mean something and be special. Good perfumes are more cultural than product.''

The scent has top notes of mandarin, nectarine and bergamot, while the heart is of jasmine, tuberose, freesia and peony, and the scent's drydown is sandalwood, vanilla and cedar.

Isaac added: ''There's a lot of sensitivity and a vulnerability in these notes. There's a great deal of bergamot in the top of it, and I was really strong about that orange-y bergamot smell. I was really strong about the scent of jasmine. I just adore the scent of jasmine - and the peony. One of the fragrances I tried to develop early on was a peony fragrance, and it didn't work. It just was very cloying after a while. You don't notice things until you actually get what you want.''

The scent will be launched next month.