Isaac Mizrahi's latest project was inspired by the automotive industry.

The designer is teaming up with US car brand Chevrolet to create a capsule apparel collection inspired by the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, a midsize saloon car.

Isaac's collection will be influenced not just by the car's design, but also the kind of women who are its target market.

Mizrahi told WWD: ''For me, the greatest part of my job is design. I love beautiful objects and this car is beautiful.

''If you look at the car, there are certain angles, lines and thoughts that evoke ideas about clothes.

''There is this incredible blue light in the car, which is already inspiring me.''

The car has been designed to appeal to women as much as men, with parent company General Motors using four female engineers for their input.

Issac added the collaboration was a nod to Bill Blass, who worked on Ford's Lincoln Mark series in the 1970s.

He said: ''When I was a kid, I remember Bill Blass had an association with a car, and it was so exciting to me then.''

Although he has worked hard on the collection, the designer said he's not often behind the wheel himself, admitting: ''I am not the biggest driver in world. I get driven a lot, being from New York.''