Irina Shayk used to use cooking ingredients for her skincare routine before she became a model.

The 35-year-old Russian beauty didn't have access to luxury skincare products when she was growing up in the small southwestern town of Yemanzhelinsk, so her mother taught her to use what was in the fridge to help boost her complexion.

She told Vogue: “I didn’t start to use creams and stuff until I was like 19 or 20 and I started to work as a model. Before, we didn’t really have access to the creams and stuff. We’d use stuff from the refrigerators, like a cucumber mask for moisturising or something. I remember my mother was cooking with coconut oil and putting it on her skin as well. She was using whatever she was cooking with.”

Elsewhere, Irina revealed she's been experimenting with "a street style" in quarantine.

She said: “In my normal life, I never got dressed up, because for me it was all about comfort. Before, we used to go to big events and parties with make-up and get dressed up. Now, I think I miss those fun moments, so I decided that I can have fun with a street style."

And the Sports Illustrated model noted that her mood changes when she adds a splash of colour to her wardrobe.

She added: “I had so many different pieces sitting in my closet from years ago. When I didn’t know what to wear, I’d wear something simple and black. Now, I figured it is time to use a splash of colour in my wardrobe. When you put on some colour, it just brings your mood to a different level.”