Irina Shayk favours ''clean'' skin over heavy makeup.

The 34-year-old model has admitted she ''loves'' playing around with makeup, but insisted she would much rather keep her skin ''very clean'' and apply minimal makeup, instead of covering her whole face in product.

She said: ''Less is more, for me. I always like to keep my skin very clean and just do either eyes or lips. I love makeup, but I think you should wear [the makeup]. Makeup should not be wearing you.''

And Irina admitted she didn't know much about makeup before she started modelling.

She added: ''I learned how to apply makeup just learning through the shoots and stuff.''

The model - who has three-year-old daughter Lea De Seine with her ex-partner Bradley Cooper - also shared her skincare tips, as she said she loves to drink a glass of water with lemon every morning to keep her skin hydrated and healthy.

She explained during a video for Vogue in which she ran through her makeup routine: ''So I'm Russian, and as you know, in Russia it's very cold. I grew up in very cold weather. When I wake up or travel, and feel a little swollen [with] bags under my eyes, I run to the fridge and I get an ice cube, and [glide it] all around my eye area, my chin, [and] all around my face.

''I think my other beauty secret and tip for everyone is to have a glass of water with lemon every morning. Just to start up your day, and I think it's really good for your skin.''