Irina Shayk embraces her Russian roots in her beauty routine.

The 34-year-old model has learned a few beauty secrets from her Russian ancestors that have helped her whilst prepping her skin for the day.

Speaking in Vogue’s Beauty Secrets video series, she said: "I grew up in very cold weather. When I wake up or travel, and feel a little swollen [with] bags under my eyes, I run to the fridge and I get an ice cube, and [glide it] all around my eye area, my chin, [and] all around my face.”

She also wakes up her skin by using Mimi Luzon’s 24K Pure Gold Treatment to reduce thin lines and redness as her love for gold comes from her heritage.

She added: "I'm Russian - I love gold!"

Despite growing up in the cold climate, the black-haired beauty didn't learn how to apply her makeup until she started going to photoshoots and learning from makeup artists.

One of her favourite tips she shared is how she loves to use her fingers to apply her products instead of using brushes as she has a more controlled glide.

She explained: "I learned how to apply make up by learning through the shoots and stuff. Some girls love to apply makeup with brushes, I just found it so much easier to blend with my finger because you can control it more. You can stretch it more."

What's more, using her fingers means she has more room for other products in her makeup bag as she doesn't have to fill it with applicators.

She continued: "I also love to keep in my purse minimal products. That's why I like to use my fingers because I don't have to worry about bringing brushes and this and this."