Fired Inxs singer J.D. Fortune had some explaining to do over the weekend (09-10Jun12) when shots of him fronting the Australian rock group were posted online to promote the band's upcoming tour.
The singer, who won the chance to front Inxs as part of a 2005 U.S. TV talent show, was dumped by the band last August (11), and he has since moved on with his own band, Fortune.
He was shocked when fans alerted him to the fact his image was being used as part of the promotion for the group's new tour via - and admits he had to explain himself to his current bandmates.
Fortune tells, "It doesn't bother me... Inxs doesn't bother me at all. What bothers me is that there are seven people in Toronto, Canada that have been working their a**es off getting ready to play a show and I would never in my wildest dreams expect somebody to wake up in the morning and find out something they were told wasn't true via the Internet."
Fans have since alerted bosses at concert listings website to the error, prompting the firm's representative Sheryl Seitz to explain, "Photos are uploaded to Songkick by fans and artists directly. As we're a live music site, we encourage our community to share photos of the concert experience.
"A user on Twitter pointed out that the Inxs photo was out of date so we swapped it out for a different picture."
The Canadian rocker has been replaced by Irishman Ciaran Gribbin in Inxs and admits he's still baffled about his unceremonious departure from the band: "I had no idea I had left Inxs... I woke up August 18 and I had to find out from their website, which, to this day, I still find bizarre."