Late Inxs frontman Michael Hutchence and his lover Paula Yates enjoyed drug-fuelled sex toy romps, according to a new book written by her best pal.

GERRY AGAR claims British TV presenter Paula - who died of a drug overdose in 2000 - told her she had up to 10 orgasms a night with the Australian rocker, whom she left singer SIR Bob Geldof in 1993 for and dated until his tragic death in 1997.

PAULA, MICHAEL + BOB - which hits shops next week (ends21SEP03) - reveals the secrets behind Paula's tragic life.

Gerry writes, "Once I was helping Paula with one of her many house moves and she pulled out a suitcase from beneath the bed.

"With a giggle she casually opened it and my chin dropped to the floor - it was stacked with sex toys."

Gerry claims to have once found Paula's kids playing with drugs that Hutchence sent to her London home while she was away.

And she reveals Paula left graphic sex photographs lying around where her kids could easily have seen them.

She writes, "Behind the mirror on the mantelpiece in Paula's bedroom were three or four pieces of foil.

"One contained yellow powder (probably ketamine), another looked like it had been burnt with a flame (probably heroin).

"Bondage magazines and more Polaroids were piled with the drugs in a mounting haul that looked like the spoils of a police raid on a brothel.

"What had happened to Paula? I had lost my wonderful friend to something that was stronger than anything I had to offer: her addiction to Michael and the obsession to do anything to keep him."

08/09/2003 13:38