MIKE PATTON turned down invitations to join rock supergroups Inxs and Velvet Revolver, because they are too popular. Ex-GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash approached the former Faith No More frontman in 2002 to be the vocalist for Velvet Revolver. Patton says, "It was before it was called that (Velvet Revolver), but they asked! "I mean they were real nice about it, but I was like, 'Er, sorry, not my thing.' Patton couldn't believe it when he was also approached by Australian rockers INXS, to replace their late frontman Michael Hutchence. He says, "That and being asked to join INXS pretty much take the cake. "In my experience, very popular bands - they do their thing and that's it - then do a reunion tour with one original member! "Look at Axl Rose. His hair's like a bad reggae wig."