Australian rockers Inxs are facing a legal battle over the rights to the songs and images of late frontman Michael Hutchence.
The band has been sued by executives at Chardonnay Investments, a company based in the Virgin Islands which bought the rights to collect royalties from the airplay of Hutchence's songs and the use of his image four years after his death in 1997. The trust firm also collects the proceeds from sales of the late star's posthumous self-titled album, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.
The lawsuit alleges Chardonnay Investments has not been paid its full share of royalties and targets the bandmembers, their manager and lawyer. The legal action, filed at Australia's New South Wales Supreme Court, also demands a share of the band's profits dating back to 1997 and asks for a partnership between the bandmembers to be wound up so the money can be divided more equally.
Hutchence's 14-year-old daughter Tiger Lily, who was orphaned after her mother Paula Yates died in 2000 and later adopted by Yates' ex-husband Bob Geldof, is rumoured to be the beneficiary of the firm, but bosses have refused to comment on who is behind the company.
News of legal action comes on the same day it was revealed the late singer's mother Patricia Glassop had passed away.