Review of The Master Alchemist Album by Invasion

Review of Invasion's album The Master Alchemist

Invasion The Master Alchemist Album

Invasion are an interesting three-piece that evoke minimalist values and mix them with lots and lots of fuzz and some echo effects. The band was created in response to the 'overly technical' metal scene- and while I can understand that, even if I don't necessarily agree, it's with a breath of fresh air that Invasion appear on the scene.

The music here could do with a little less echo on the vocals at times, in tracks like Conjure War it takes away from what could be an excellent fuzz packed minimalist experiment. I've never really been massively into the minimalist scene, but as this was performed only with a three stringed guitar (presumably the lowest three strings), a drum kit (previously mentioned) and vocals, it's really very impressive that such a diverse range of songs have been crafted. The album is very short (21 minutes long), but this means it doesn't outstay its welcome.

Conrad Hughes

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