Tooth - Harry Enfield and co-stars interviewed

29 January 2004

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Harry Enfield and co-stars interviewed

TOOTH tells the story of a young, feisty Tooth Fairy, who lives in a world called Fairytopia that has lost its ablity to use magic. Fed up with the way most fairies have forgotten about magic, she decides to give away all of its money and bankrupt her world, two days before Xmas.

When TOOTH realises how much trouble she is in, she realises the only person who can help is the legendary Mrs Santa Claus, who disappeared, along with magic over 100 years ago.

Teaming up with two human children and a number of fairies, who are living incognito amongst humans she sets off on the adventure of a lifetime. Pursued by the evil Plug, a terrifying fairy hunter and his posse, the race is on to save the world before Christmas, Easter and all the holidays are ruined for ever.


Usually a laborious process, the producers found that the charm and warmth of the project meant that many top British talent were eager to participate in this creative take on the modern fairy tale.

“One of the beautiful things about doing a kids’ movie is that you have lots of good will.” Says Simon Franks. “People want to be involved in kids’ movies because it is fun. A lot of actors have said to me that they usually tend to do more adult themed things and they would like to do something their kids could watch. And of course TOOTH has got a script that is so fantastical and uplifting that we were very lucky and got to pick who we wanted.”

A key role in the film was that of arch villain and fairy hunter Plug. As the main baddie, it was a great comedic role so naturally the producers were thrilled at Harry Enfield’s interest in the project. “When Harry Enfield’s name was mentioned, we were ravenous to get him to be part of it.” Recalls Nammour.

“He has such sparkle and invests so much of his talent in whatever he does. He is just a glorious talent.” Franks agrees. “Harry Enfield was really no decision. Once he told us he wanted to do it, there was nothing to think about. He is so naturally gifted and so perfect for this role.” Brooks-Smith concludes. “Harry plays Plug so well that I still laugh at his work on this film even though Ed and I have seen it daily for 6 months. He is a comic marvel.”

Tooth  - Harry Enfield and co-stars interviewed
Tooth  - Harry Enfield and co-stars interviewed
Tooth  - Harry Enfield and co-stars interviewed
Tooth  - Harry Enfield and co-stars interviewed
Tooth  - Harry Enfield and co-stars interviewed

Amongst the other chosen ensemble cast of the film are a variety of unique cameos played by the crme de la crme of Britain’s acting community. These cameos represent some of the quirky and engaging characters that Tooth and her friends encounter on their journey. “We’re blessed to have actors like Richard E. Grant, Jerry Hall, Vinnie Jones, Stephen Fry, Phyllida Law and Sally Phillips in such unexpected roles.” Smiles Kamasa.

Producer Brooks-Smith elaborates. “Stephen Fry even interrupted the post production on his own film to come and play Mrs Claus’ ‘magic minder’. When I asked him why, he said that the script was one of the best British scripts he’d read and made him laugh so much. We were also thrilled that Jim Broadbent wanted to be the voice of Rabbit – his timing and voice has made Rabbit one of my all time favourite characters.”

The casting of celebrated actress Phyllida Law as the elusive Mrs Claus was a huge coup for the film as Nammour expounds. “When we heard she might be interested we were absolutely over the moon because she is an extremely revered, well regarded actor and to have someone of that calibre with that kind of gravity and presence in our movie was a huge feather in our cap.”

Though perhaps the most memorable casting decisions was that of placing the notorious hardman and gangster movie veteran Vinnie Jones in the role of the ex-fairy turned dentist known simply as The Extractor. “It was one of the maddest bits of casting that we all enjoyed.” Chuckles Brooks-Smith. “Seeing Vinnie Jones turn from hard man/torturer to a tooth fairy in tears under Plug’s questioning.”

The cast and the film itself could not have been completed without finding the 12 year old girl with both the attitude and appeal to bring the wayward character of Tooth to life on screen. With only 8 weeks left until the start of principal photography young actress Yasmin Paige was cast in the role. “She is extraordinary.” Exclaims Susie Brooks-Smith. “She learnt the entire script in a night and has more focus than most adult actors. She is Tooth.”

Tooth’s sidekicks on this journey were also a casting triumph. Brooks-Smith continues. “Tolly is 6 year old Maisie Preston and she is pure magic on the screen. Tom is Rory Corpus who plays quite a complex character with charm and understated conviction.”

Simon Franks encompasses the entire process. “On this movie the casting was a pleasure and I think every one of us and the actors enjoyed it.”

Cert: U
Running Time: TBC
Release Date: February 13
Distributor: Red Bus

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