Therese Grankvist - Interview

03 November 2015

An interview with Therese Grankvist

An interview with Therese Grankvist

Therese Grankvist is the Swedish singer/songwriter behind some huge club hits. Earlier this year she released her debut album 'Missing Disco', and she's about to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her big hit with Stonebridge 'Put Em High' with a new package of remixes including one from the mighty Freemasons. Contact Music caught up with her about her latest project.

Hey Therese! How are you feeling about 'Put Em High' coming back with new mixes?
Hi! yea, it feels really good actually, it's an anniversary celebration thing.

Do you remember when the track first hit the big time? How was that?
I do remember although some of it in a bit of a blur. It was a crazy time and I was literally everywhere promoting it, great fun though with memories for life.

As well as the club hits we know you for, you also write for some other artists is that right? Tell us a bit about it.
Yeah I been writing for a few people like Danii Minogue , Shaznay Lewis , Alcazar and a few other less known acts and artists.

You've performed at events and club nights all over the world. What's the craziest show you've ever done?
I think the craziest gigs I've done was Supermartxe Ibiza probably because it was in Amnesia which is such a big venue plus the craziness in general being on that island, the people and being backstage it was pretty wild!

If you could work with one artist/DJ/Producer (living or dead), who would it be and why?
There is so many people I'd like to work with or would have liked to work with but my favourite people right now are Diplo and Skrillex I really love what they're both about, they always have different projects and collaborations, it's uber cool. I would also love to make a duet with David Bowie because he's such a mysterious genius.

Dance music is enjoying a real renaissance at the moment. Artists like Calvin Harris and Disclosure have brought it back to the masses. Why do you think there's such an appetite for dance now that there wasn't say 5 or 6 years ago?
I've got no idea really! I guess dance music and Djs is what people want right now. People wanted rockstars and it's just evolved. The younger generation seem to love the big dance festivals and lots of live dance events are popping up everywhere.
I also read somewhere that the dance crowd are the most digitally active and tweet about their live experiences 30% more in comparisons to other fans in other genres , that must add to the social media hype and dance music and make it grow even bigger.

You released your album 'Missing Disco' earlier this year - congratulations! Was it a different experience putting together a whole album rather than working on one-off tracks?
It's always a special feeling putting together an album since you're the one telling a story. Doing one off tracks is ok and can lead to make a whole album as well but I guess for me I just felt that I really wanted to make that album to see where I was at with my sound. It was an Independent release with very little hype, I hope people more people will discover it!

What's next on the agenda after 'Put Em High'?
I'm sort of making a 10 year anniversary celebration thing for my fans with some of my biggest club hits and with brand new remixes. After Put em high we're releasing another one and it's gonna be huge!

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