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02 June 2015

An Interview with Planes

An Interview with Planes

Planes are back with their second EP 'Hotfoot' and they are ready to rock. Having recently announced his departure from Placebo, Steve Forrest is ready to focus all his energies on Planes and hone their already epic sound. The five-piece are currently based in Brighton but hail from various corners of the globe including Lancashire, Bristol and California. Planes are ready to take the world by storm and 2015 looks set to be their year.

Your new EP 'Hotfoot' has a very anthemic sound throughout. Did you always want Planes' 'sound' to be big and bold?
It's true we've always loved big guitars, and bold drums accompanying rich melodies, but to be honest we never really thought about how exactly we wanted to sound. We go with what feels right, and so yeah at the moment, we're shouting from the mountain tops, but there's a softer side to this band as well. We'll forever try to continue to discover new ways of creating music, and hopefully this will take us round the houses of genres and textures until we land on something truly amazing. Or not... ha!

What's the general theme around the EP?
Well, lyrically, there's a lot to do with trading in one life for another. These songs for me cover situations ranging from splitting up with my first fiancee to moving away from London, and eventually stepping off the ledge with Planes to see where we'd land. And musically, we all really dug deep to pull out something genuine, and I do believe we have hit a nerve...

Talk us through your songwriting process.
It varies really. A lot of times I'll write a song with just an acoustic guitar, bring it to the band and then deconstruction and reconstruction begins. Other times, songs will be conceived in the band room from a little melody or snippet of a jam. We have many talented songwriters in this band, and so with this next record, I'm really excited to finally be able to get in a room all together, and just get lost in the vibe. I reckon it's going to be very colourful...

How did you all get into music?
I've always had music as long as I can remember. I was obsessed by 8 years old, and it's all I've ever really known. The rest of the gang can tell you better than I can about their personal journeys.

What challenges have you faced so far in your careers?
For me, every year since 2005 has been a learning curve. There have been many ups and downs, but all is worth it when it's for something you love. And besides that, it's just what comes with the territory, if it were easy, EVERYONE would do it!

Where has been your favourite place to perform so far?
I've performed in so many breathtaking venues over the years, but I'd say one my fondest memories will always be Cambodia Anchor Watt 2008 with Placebo. I'm still waiting for that sunset at Coachella with Planes story.

Steve, would you like Planes to see the same global success as Placebo?
Of course I would. That was one of the best things about Placebo was not only our reach, but the quality of people that we reached. I would love to go back to all of those amazing places round the world with Planes someday and perform. I love people, and you can hear some great stories when you get to know some of the people who are coming to your gigs out there...

Do you feel the changes in the music industry will effect negatively on Planes?
Whatever happens, we have a solid team behind us, and I know we'll handle any changes that happen, and just go with the flow. You gotta in this industry, remain strong in who you are of course, but as far as new ways to connect with and and market your band, you must keep an open mind.

Who do you cite as your main influences and inspirations? Musical and non-musical?
Mostly from the records I'm into at the time and my bandmates. We get a lot of energy from each other, and we all are always searching for new mind blowing records, we just love to immerse ourselves in everything from 50s delta blues and 70s disco, to modern electro punk!

Do you have any advice for young musicians trying to make it in the music industry?
Just keep swimming.

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?
Gonna rip it up.

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