Moony - Interview

18 February 2003

Moony Interview
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Moony - 'Point Of View - DB Boulevard - Interviewed met up with Moony AKA Monica Bragato, her first hit was 'Point Of View as part of DB Boulevard, now she is embarking on a solo career.

Rest of the day?
Perfectly, I'm very happy and everything is good, I have interviews to do for the rest of the day and then I have the weekend off so I'm very happy, I have been to London many many times but never really had any time to go around so tomorrow I'm a tourist for the day. It's so beautiful here many beautiful shops, you can buy whatever you what over here.

How long are you over in England?

I think I'm leaving on Tuesday but that isn't confirmed, I'm coming back next week for another week.

How would you describe your sound?
It's very difficult to describe sound, because it's something that's not material its more of an emotion you feel. But I can tell you that there is a mixture of different sounds & influences because of the different people who worked on the project, so you can hear influences for example in the 70's from the bass, because it's very soul based but there is also house and dance and some of the song you can find the beat and the four quarter beats which is classic dance it makes you move, but I'm a very romantic person so I wanted guitars and violins and more 80's new romantic, I'm a Duran Duran girl so there are many different influences, you better listen to it and then tell me!

How do you take to today's music scene in general?

The UK charts is very different for us because it works in a totally different way to others so it's difficult to understand what will reach the top of the chart and what won't do anything, but the English sound I love it, I've been a fan for many years, I love the electro new pop sound.

Was the 80's you favorite time in music?
Well I was a teen back then so I have grown very attached to that era, but my favorite singer and musician of all time is Stevie Wonder and I really love Aretha, James Brown, George Benson & Marvin Gaye.

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Moony @

Have you any live dates planned?
Well we are just promoting the single at the moment, so I will do some nights in various clubs without my band, but the 'big' concert I want to wait until I have brought out the album, I am really looking forward to going around playing because I think it is the best thing for an artist because you can express yourself through voice and sound and also because it is a precious time to share with your public because they are your life and it's because of them you can sing and that you can sell your records and go on in this way, so for me it is a way to say thanks and to give some good energy back.

Now you are a solo artist do you think your music is more suited to clubs or music venues?
They are so different, because when you play with a band and a lot of people in front of you, you have to concentrate a lot it gives you lots of energy but you have to be in the mindset 100% and it is sometimes stressful the end show isn't stressful its more all the work you have to do before, also the type of song you choose to play varies on what type of venue you play and the type of people your performing to. I like playing both, but I love playing with my band because from a human point of view it's a great emotion you can share with your band and were are all friends all the guys are lovely. I also love clubs I have been working in them for many years and so they are in my heart and I have to thank clubs and DJ's because its part of my life.

If you were going to collaborate with another artist who would you like it to be?
As I earlier said Stevie Wonder is my favorite artist and it would have to be him! I would also like to do a duet with the singer of Coldplay, I love the sound of his voice. I really like Christine Aguilera, I think her voice is amazing.

What is the title of the album going to be?
Well the title of the album is life stories and we gave it this title because there is a piece of life maybe a thought or emotion or an experience I had in my life. Each song has a precise meaning to me, I don't have a proper release date as yet but I think it will be just before summer time.

Which are your favorite tracks on the album?

It's not really because of the song, my favorite is more for the meaning of the song it's universal prayer which obviously is what it says it is and I sing in Sanskrit which I think is the most ancient language in the world and there are Indian mantras and prayers inside that can convey energy and positive vibration for those who listen to it, I learnt how to sing it whilst I was in India because I used to go very often, it's kind of a lounge track also so it is very relaxing comforting and makes you smile when you listen to it and for me that is my priority to make people feel good. This is the way is another track, it stands for piece and against war I wrote it bout 2 years ago and I think now we definitely need it. I'm very close to Dave because that was my first solo track and I really love it.

And who you would you invite to your ideal after-show party?
I love sharing emotion and having fun so I like having my friends and family, I prefer not to go to clubs for after parties, I prefer to go home where the atmosphere is more friendly and you can get closer to people because the music isn't as loud and just drink loads of wine. has an area dedicated to unsigned musicians, what advice would you give people starting out in music?
To do as much as they can, to perform live as much as possible, it is very important first that you work your vocal chords and secondly it's important for other people to listen to you and to get involved with other people who work in the business who may be able to help you.

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