Lianne Kaye 2017 Interview

An interview with Lianne Kaye

An interview with Lianne Kaye

With over 80,000 Youtube subscribers and over 9 million views on your cover videos we caught up with lovely Youtube cover sensation, Lianne Kaye who continues her journey in Music with her anticipated first London headline show on 23rd August.

Contactmusic [CM]: You've got over 80,000 Youtube subscribers and had over 9 million views on your cover videos, what got you started?
Lianne: I wanted to see what people thought of my voice and sound, so started posting videos of my takes on songs i loved. I had been singing from a young age and started playing guitar around the age of 13, and it has always been what i have wanted to pursue.

CM: Who inspired you to start posting Youtube videos?
Lianne: I actually had a friend who was doing YouTube videos and that is what interested me to create my own channel, but it was also great to see other young musicians using it as a platform at that time.

CM: Tell us five words that describes you?
Lianne: Musical, Outgoing, Caring, Sweet, A bit of a joker.

CM: What would be your number one goal for your music career?
Lianne: To be writing/creating music that I love and feel proud of.

CM: You have your first London headline show August 23rd, what can we expect from you headline show?
Lianne: I am going to be playing some already released originals as well as some brand new ones. There will also be a number of my most popular covers too! It will be great to finally play live for some of my UK followers and for them to hear my sound with my awesome live band behind me.

CM: What are you fans like?
Lianne: They're super supportive and really kind! A lot have been watching me online for years and following what I do. They have always been so sweet with their comments and support.

CM: You've released an original song but what do you prefer originals or covers?
Lianne: I love playing and writing my own songs, though I do also enjoy making a cover song my own. Both are really enjoyable!

CM: What super power would you have if you could?
Lianne: I would be able to turn invisible!

CM: Who are your top 5 artists you would like to collaborate with?
Lianne: Michelle Branch, Carrie Underwood, Hayley Williams, John Mayer, Demi Lovato

CM: What one song would you never want to cover and why ?
Lianne: I think something like 'I Will Always Love You' or a super iconic track, as they will always be compared to the original!

Catch Lianne Kaye 23rd August 2017 at The Social, London

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