Chris Meid - Interview

03 November 2015

An interview with Chris Meid

An interview with Chris Meid

Chris Meid has been involved in music for a few years now remixing tracks by Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd and Jose Gonzalez with great success. Now it is with great pride that he has released his own debut single Red River (out now) with help from Tyler Sjöström and Martin Wagler. We thought we'd ask him a few questions to help us all get to know him better.

Hi Chris, please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi everybody! I'm Christophe Vitorino De Almeida also knows as 'Chris Meid. I was born and raised in a small country called Luxembourg and I'm a guy that likes to put notes and rhythms together! :) I started playing the piano when I was 5 years old and started to record my ideas when I discovered my first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) at the age of 16.

Your single 'Red River' is already out and has had around 134k listens on Soundcloud now - what do you think about the response to the track?
Well 134,000 is nearly like 3 full football stadiums that listened to my first original single! :D It's really impressive to me and I'm really happy! Of course it's nothing compared to my previous remixes who passed the 1 million plays. but for a first original track I think it's pretty good.

Tyler Sjöström and Martin Wagner both feature on the track, can you tell us a little more about them and why you decided to collaborate together?
Tyler is a talented singer/artist from the US and Martin is a really talented young producer from The Netherlands. I met both of them on the internet. On the one hand, I felt in love with Tyler's soulful folky voice from the first second I heard it on a track I discovered on Soundcloud! I immediately knew that I wanted to team up with him for an original song. Martin on the other hand helped me with the drum process. I really enjoyed working with them, I might team up with them again in the future for another song. :)

You've been involved in music for a while now but more so behind the scenes remixing tracks for other artists, what made you decide to step out from behind the curtain to go solo?
Well. after experiencing a great success with my remixes I started to co-produce some original tracks for other artists and then I thought: ''Why not give it a try, if I can write for others I can write for myself!''

You've worked with some big artists, remixing tracks - in your opinion, what have been your most enjoyable remixing jobs and for whom?
I really enjoyed teaming up with my buddy Felix Jaehn to remix the song 'One Last Time' from Jaymes Young. We transformed the original song into an emotional melodic house track with a triple time feeling! It was the first time I mixed a triple time rhythm on a house beat.

'Red River' is distinctly pop, is this a genre close to your heart or will you be showcasing more diverse styles in the future?
I studied 8 years of classical music, started producing Hip Hop and ended up releasing a pop-housy song. :) I'm pretty sure at some point in the future I'll mix diverse styles together. I think, if one day I'll release an album it would be cool to have diverse music styles on it with all my influences. But in general I don't pay too much attention to music styles - I just do music.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson, I have all his vinyls at home! I guess he's unconsciousness my biggest influence! But other artists influenced me a lot too like for example Pharrell Williams, Ryan Leslie or Avicii.

What are your plans now that 'Red River' is out?
I'm releasing a Red River EP at the beginning of 2016 with some really dope remixes from some producer friends and also with an emotional piano version that I did. I'm also already working on my second single that coming out really soon, too :)

Will we see you live any time soon and what will the live show be like?
I'm actually preparing my live show at the moment. Since I play several instruments, my live show is going to be a dynamic mixture of the electronic world with some live played instruments. It's gonna be really fun!

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