Interpol rocker CARLOS D was forced to clean up his life after a series of Internet attacks targeting his bad behaviour, because the criticism started to upset him. The guitarist admits he grew tired of reading Internet blogs such as Carlos D Has Herpes as fans started turning on him - and he decided it was time to get sober after years of wild nights. The rocker explains, "After a certain time, your body can't take it. I think a lot of people didn't take me seriously. They didn't assume I had feelings or wants or needs, because they thought the hedonistic attitude took up everything inside me. "For a while, I even believed that about myself, but I came to realise I'm so much more than that... I'm not that much of a hedonist anymore." After sobering up, the rocker changed his familiar image so he could attend acting classes without getting mobbed by Interpol fans. He adds, "It was a way for me to push everybody away so I could have more space to realise what my life is about. Everyone stopped recognising me on the street. I forgot what it's like to just be a normal person. It felt so good."