Review of Mammoth Single by Interpol

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Interpol Mammoth Single

Everyone's favourite manically depressed New Yorkers hit back here displaying a fire in their bellies and a sting in the tongue. "Spare me the suspense." spits Paul Banks over what is fast becoming Interpol's trademark sound, and although 'Mammoth' is perhaps one of the more immediate moments of 'Our Love To Admire', one cannot imagine this getting much play on daytime radio

Still, one thing you always get with Interpol records is the dramatic build-up to an exquisite finale, and the rising drums and looping guitars that signal a bell's dissonant chimes at least give 'Mammoth' a good send off.

Although not quite reaching the same lofty pinnacle as past glories like 'Evil' and 'Obstacle #1', 'Mammoth' still sounds like it was constructed with both sensual grace and military precision, which frankly means "business as usual" in chez Interpol.

Dom Gourlay

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