Review of Frustration Plantation Album by Instinct Records


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Rasputina ‘Frustration Plantation’ - Album Review


Frustration Plantation

‘Frustration Plantation’ is very strange and sounds like the Fiery Furnaces. This isn’t a good thing. First song, ‘Doomsday Averted’ had me despairing with its mess of half tunes and droning vocals that’s not really a proper song. It does get a bit better than that though with the next track as ‘Secret Message’ is Bjork-like with its twisting, eerie melodies and trailing vocals. It’s not all floaty and ethereal however, there are some harder tunes on it such as the dirty electronica of ‘Possum of the Grotto’ and the spikiness of ‘High on Life.’

Music -Rasputina ‘Frustration Plantation’ - Album Review
There are some proper oddities on this album. ‘If Your Kisses Can’tHold the Man You Love’ is punky rock mixed with Russian folk, about a girlwhose bloke’s been straying, and the result seems cobbled together. ‘MyCaptivity by Savages’ is just a strange with spoken vocals and only a violinas backing. The story is set during the 19th Century and is the diary entry ofa white teenage girl who’s made into a servant – very irritatingand pretentious. It isn’t all bad, there is a decent song on there in theform of ‘The Mayor’ a simple, indie-folk tune that doesn’ttry to be too clever. Mostly though ‘Frustration Plantation’ is analbum of arty-alt.indie folk that’s up itself but also instantly forgettable.


Natasha Perry