Review of Horace Andy / Ashley Beedle Album by Inspiration Information

Review of Inspiration Information's second released compiled by Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle.

Inspiration Information Horace Andy / Ashley Beedle Album

What a real pleasure to hear the second installment to the Inspiration Information series, this time it features Horace Andy with Ashley Beedle. Horace Andy is a reggae legend who needs little introduction his contributions to Massive Attack created some of the most innovative and definitive tracks of our contemporary time. Ashley Beedle whose diverse production skills have earned him a fantastic reputation as a cutting edge pioneer and working with Horace Andy must have been a joy to behold.

The whole point of Inspiration Information is to put artists you'd love to see collaborate together in an intensive recording session, in this case five days.
Andy's delivery, tone and lyrics are first class as always, highlighting rasta consciousness around brotherhood, love, family and topical commentaries.
Beedle draws on all of his musical diverse musical influences to create some innovative and creative sounds ranging from roots fusions, dancehall to dubstep.
'Seek It' is my favourite track on the album that is heavy, conscious and a great one for the dancehall. There are some great tracks on here that show a whole of range of creativity.
There's a cover of 'Angie' by the Rolling Stones, a humerous track for vegetarians 'Rasta Don't' and exploration of sounds with '2 Way Traffic'.

Information Inspiration have created another interesting result from artists you'd love to see work together. There's always a killer track and a journey into exploration that is innovative, refreshing and invoking. I'd buy this just for 'Seek It' and I really enjoyed listening to all the tracks. I applaud this experiment and genuinely look forward to the next one. Bring it on!

Tareck Ghoneim

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