Insane Clown Posse star VIOLENT J felt relieved after the rap duo 'came out' as evangelical Christians, insisting he was "in heaven" after telling fans about his beliefs.
The hip-hop stars have established bad boy reputations with their hardcore horror-themed music, which features profanity as well as misogynistic and violent lyrics.
Earlier this year (10), the Psychopathic hitmakers stunned their loyal followers by revealing they are devout Christians - and Violent J, real name Joseph Bruce, admits he was on a high after the confession.
He says, "It felt so good, brother. I was f**king in heaven. Let me tell you something: I would go running at night, and my feet wouldn't even touch the ground. I had my headphones on, I'd be listening to Thy Unveiling, and I'd be in such a zone that my feet wouldn't even be touching the ground. I'd be literally levitating."
Bruce insists their Christian faith has always been embedded in their tracks - but they rapped about darker themes to gain the interest of their fans.
He adds, "From the very beginning of our music, God is in there in hidden messages... (But first) you had to gain everybody's attention. You had to gain the entire world's trust and attention."