Review of Innerpartysystem Album by Innerpartysystem

Review of Innerpartysystem's self-titled album.

Innerpartysystem Innerpartysystem Album

Innerpartysystem release their self titled debut album. Hailing from America I could detect new metal influences and shameless 80's electro but the actual music is very much techno rock, kinda like Pendulum without the drum and bass. There's a lot of effects coming through from the synthesizers and guitar. It pretty much makes up the intensity of the band and creates a quite hard hitting sound. The vocal melodies are sung in a rock style and again I can hear the post rock, nu metal influences.

It's not a bad listen. The music doesn't grab me too much as it not dirty enough to make me crazy or dark enough to make me go moody. It is heavy but could just be a new version of Aha. I am being a bit unfair as the songs fit together quite well and the vocals have some passion. I think it just fits a box that isn't edgy enough to be knock out or stylish enough to be cool. I think it fits a niche that will appeal to some and could get a cult following. It's no Sisters Of Mercy though, way too pop for that. At least they're trying to be progressive and have created some atmosphere.

Tareck Ghoneim

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