Independence Day star Bill Pullman spent the Christmas break in Norway, starring in a bi-lingual production of Shakespeare's Othello.

The actor spent Christmas with director Stein Winge - the man behind the ambitious Bergen production - and had to learn a little Norwegian for the show.

Speaking to Wenn just before his departure last month (Dec14), Pullman said, "Othello is someone who's just had a victory and it's the aftermath of coming back and attempting to live comfortably as a civilian. I'm going to have to speak a few words in Norwegian and some sentences."

And he was looking forward to his Scandinavian winter vacation: "They're (Norwegians) very strong on Christmas. There's a lot of decorations that they do. They make these straw figures that are animals and figurines and then they tie them with red ribbon. They're very interested in the decor of Christmas."