The property tycoon and reality TV star hit headlines last month (Jun15) when he announced his candidacy for president after taking aim at Mexican immigrants in America, who he accused of being "rapists" who bring drugs and crime into the country.

He also vowed to build a massive wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out, and send the bill to government officials south of the border.

A slew of Latin stars and Hollywood liberals, including Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin, America Ferrera and Russell Simmons, blasted Trump for his derogatory comments, while the scandal also cost him big TV deals for his Miss USA pageant.

However, the business mogul has found at least one celebrity fan in Ferrigno.

The TV action man, who is known for his conservative views, admits he doesn't necessarily agree with Trump's comments about Mexican immigrants, but he believes his former Celebrity Apprentice boss would make a good leader.

He tells, "All I can say is I wish Donald the best because he's a fabulous guy; I hope he goes all the way...

"Donald... he cares about our country, keeping our country safe, that's what it comes down to...

"We have so many problems in this country, with weapons of mass destruction followed by terrorism and everything, but Donald... he's seen what's going on in our country and (is dedicated to) keeping us safe. He said the truth and more power to him."

He adds, "I love all people. I love Donald Trump."