Review of Life Stranger Than Fiction - Remixes Single by Incognito

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3. Incognito Life Stranger Than Fiction - Remixes (12" - Talkin Loud)
Its been a long time gone since the release of their massive hit Always There, in fact, time enough to shift over 2.5 million albums.
So, eleven years down the line with Talkin Loud, Gilles Petersons small but perfectly formed label, and Incognito are about to release their seventh studio album Life Is Stranger Than Fiction. And theres a selection of 12 mixes to accompany it.
But, its all slightly disappointing. Apart from the luscious 4 Hero mix of Bring You Down there is the very mediocre Victor Dulaix mix of Castles In The Air and the very souly and slightly cheesy Si Oakenfield rehash of Worlds Collide. Hopefully the original album wont be such a none entity.